La Feria Video and a Big Thank You

The above video highlights all the hard work and dedication that the BiblioWorks Organization put into the first ever Literacy Fair in Sucre, Bolivia this past spring. La Feria de La Lectura was held in Plazuela San Francisco on April 14, 2012, and it went off without a hitch! This was the culmination of my … Continued

La Feria de La Lectura in Sucre, Bolivia

This was the culmination of my four months volunteering in Bolivia with We planned and organized the first ever literature fair in Sucre, Bolivia and were able to host hundreds of students and parents in the name of literacy on one beautiful day in April! Read all about my experience Volunteering in Bolivia with … Continued

The Best of Sucre, Bolivia

Sucre, Bolivia is the third place I’ve called home over the past two and a half years of living in South America. While the lifestyle here is much different from the bustling Buenos Aires and seductive Medellin, it has been an amazing place to experience life like a local. Sucre is Bolivia’s judicial capital and … Continued

The Village You’ll Never Visit

It’s a 2-hour bus ride from the city of Sucre to the village of Morado K’asa where BiblioWorks has established one of their eight libraries. This has been my home away from home, away from home for the last few months as I’ve spent three days a week working in the library to develop and … Continued

Portraits of A Bolivian Book Fair & The Feelings Involved

I’m writing this post from 35,000 feet in the air on my way from Santa Cruz, Bolivia to Cancun, Mexico. As I squeeze into the middle-row seat on a 6-hour flight between 2 layovers and an overnight bus ride, nothing can push me off the feeling I have at this moment. The feeling is of … Continued

Behind the Scenes: La Feria de la Lectura

We’re officially 10 days away from the first ever book fair here in Sucre, Bolivia and the BiblioWorks squad has been running around like crazy to ensure the event’s success. La Feria de la Lectura (the literature fair) will be held on Saturday, April 14th in downtown Sucre right next to the central market in … Continued

A Wet and Wild Carnival in Sucre

On one of my first nights in Sucre I had dinner on the balcony of a lovely little restaurant overlooking the city’s main square. As I gazed out across the beautiful gardens and sidewalks that lined the plaza I noticed something really disturbing. A group of young college kids were hurling water balloons across the … Continued

February Update: Celebrating in Sucre

February found my suitcase stored in the closet and my feet securely rooted in Sucre. A figure known as Carnival cast its giant shadow over everything this month, resulting in little productivity here in Bolivia throughout February. I celebrated the festivities with local friends as we danced in the streets, drank leche de tigre (coconut, … Continued

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