FOTO FRIDAY: Botero’s Cavity Search

Botero Park, Medellin, Colombia
This is why Botero paid attention to detail.

While passing through Plaza Botero in downtown Medellin the other day, I noticed this Botero fan trying to sneak a closer look at the artist’s work.

The real question is however,… what’s that other guy reading?

The plaza itself is a cool hangout spot where many of Fernando Botero’s fat sculptures are on display. The Medellin-native, Botero is arguably the most famous of Colombian artists and if you’ve been to Colombia you’ve surely seen his sculptures and paintings around every turn.

Curious about the internal findings, I tried getting a closer look without much luck…

Botero, Medellin, Colombia
Face Deep in Booty!

You try…

Botero Park in Medellin, Colombia
Jump in there!


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