Exploring the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

In 2014, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul was listed as the world’s most popular tourist attraction with over 91 million annual visitors. With 61 covered streets and over 3,000 shops, there is literally something for everyone within this amazing maze of consumption.

Shopping for everything from lanterns to ladles, its almost impossible to leave empty handed.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey

Shopping at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar is one of my favorite places in Istanbul, not only for the variety of products, but the people watching is second to none.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey

I also have this weird obsession with lanterns, and the Grand Bazaar is an enabler.

Grand Bazaar - Istanbul - Turkey

From the Grand Bazaar, head down through the open air shops to the Spice Bazaar, where the beautiful chaos continues…

Grand Bazaar Open Air Market in Istanbul

Here you can discover traditional treats like dried fruits, nuts, spices, and some of the most incredible desserts.

Spice Bazaar in Istanbul

Spice Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey

Turkish Delight - Istanbul - Spice Bazaar

Baklava - Istanbul - Spice Bazaar

Spices at the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul

I love just maneuvering through the crowded streets and back alleys like I was channeling my inner Aladdin.

With something to stimulate all senses, its clear to see why the Grand Bazaar (and Spice Bazaar) is so popular.

The next time you’re in Istanbul, bring your wallet and appetite, and just get lost in the magic for a few hours.

Check out my full series of the most popular attractions in Istanbul with Walks of Turkey on the T2T YouTube Channel and expect one crazy video on Thursday!

My name is Gareth Leonard, a Marketing Director turned World Traveler with a passion for slow, meaningful travel. I have been traveling the world full-time for the past 9+ years and document it all on Instagram and YouTube. Come join me!


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