The Historic Hagia Sophia Guide

This one-time Christian Church, turned Imperial Mosque, turned museum, is said to be the epitome of Byzantine architecture.

Located just across from the famous Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia is a beautiful structure with equally as impressive history.

Hagia Sophia Guide - Istanbul Turkey

The incredible city of Istanbul has been home to many civilizations throughout the centuries, and none have been more influential than the powerful Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

And some of the unique characteristics of these two cultures live on within the walls of the Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey

As soon as I walked through the imperial gate into the giant main gallery, I was blown away by its size and design.

Our local guide explained how different rulers have dictated the building’s religious ties and it was cool to see the remnants of each.

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey

After checking out the main floor, head up the old stone stairs to the horseshoe-shaped upper gallery, where you get closer views of the impressive ceilings and architecture.

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey

From Greek Orthodox to Roman Catholic, and from Christian Basilica to Imperial Mosque, the Hagia Sophia is a beautiful representation of the city around it…

Transformed by the empires who’ve called it home, and forever marked with reminders of its rich history.

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey

For a Hagia Sophia guide and tour information, check out Walks of Turkey.

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