Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise

Separating Europe and Asia, and connecting the Black Sea with the Mediterranean, the Bosphorus is the lifeblood of Istanbul.

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise

It has served a strategic body of water for the Roman and Ottoman Empires alike, and remains a major shipping and trade port.

The Bosphorus cruise starts out by passing under the famous Galata Bridge, where you’ll get great views of the city including the Galata Tower, historic Topkapi Palace and countless mosques.

Istanbul Bosphorus View

Along the cruise our local guide helped point out many other landmarks as well, like the modern art museum and beautiful Dolmabahce Palace.

As we headed towards the Bosphorus Bridge, you can take in all the sites and sounds of the seaside neighborhoods like Besiktas, Bebek and Ortakoy…

Ortakoy Waterfront in Istanbul

And on the return, we floated along the Asian side where you’ll see traditional Ottoman homes, and the iconic Maiden Tower.

Maiden Tower in Istanbul

The waterfront culture is a quintessential aspect of life in Istanbul, and cruising along the Bosphorus is a great way to experience it all.

Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise

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