La Feria Video and a Big Thank You

La Feria de La Lectura

The above video highlights all the hard work and dedication that the BiblioWorks Organization put into the first ever Literacy Fair in Sucre, Bolivia this past spring. La Feria de La Lectura was held in Plazuela San Francisco on April 14, 2012, and it went off without a hitch!

This was the culmination of my four months of volunteering in Bolivia with BiblioWorks and being involved with such a great organization and event was by far my proudest travel moment to date.

Although this chapter is now closed and I’m now working with Kiva here in Guatemala, I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who helped make this video possible.

First and foremost, I want to thank Matt, Maritza, Roxi, Marcello, Josh , Erin and the rest of the BiblioWorks staff and volunteers for letting me be part of this awesome experience.

To the 15 local educational institutions who each created a unique booth and learning program that promoted literacy, and to the 11 corporate sponsors who donated a variety of resources including books, games and refreshments… thank you.

To Kiersten Rich and Lindsay Hawley, it was your work with Sacred Hearts in Cusco, Peru that gave me the inspiration to fundraise for the event and your continued help in promoting this project that made it possible.

Last, but definitely not least, a HUGE thank you to all the friends, family and readers of whose donations and support helped us reach our goal of $2,500 to fund the entire event!


Brandon Bova, Scott Herdzik, Daniel Hanna, David Lee, Devin & Mandi Watkins, Chris & Krissy Donahue, Ayngelina BroganBret & Erin McCabe, Linda Blossom (in honor of Gareth’s 28th birthday), Banjamain Samuel, Brandy McLaughlin, Aaron Snyder, Christine Blossom, Nancy & Charles Rich, Pat & Lisa Brann, Mark Walsh, Ryan Circh, Aimee Baxter, Jacinta Oliver-Cook, Keith Compertore, Dan & Stephanie Markese, Andrew & Karolyn Carlson, Daniel & Bruno Wagner, Stephanie Yoder, Chrsitine Arnone, Chad Haertling, Matthew Mills, Slaughter HOUSE (in honor of himself), Abel Quitoriano, Ross Morelli, Laura Crisanti, Daniel Morales, Marte Wiig Løtveit, Rachel Deaton, Steele Burnside (in honor of Grandma Sperling), Danielle Derouin, Terri Ellis Dempsey, Robby Vaughn, Scott Goergen, Greg Schwind, Stacey Waters, Lindsay Hawley, Lina Casale, Jeffrey & Stephanie Mellon, Darlene Perdue, Kimberly Koetter, Malte Benter, Ryan Gargiulo, Tyson Malchow, Nate Drew (in honor of Gareth, ha), Bernice & Allan Blossom,  Holly Whittlef, Ryann Bell, Chris Howard, Claire Bartha, Meghan Glieco and Shlynn Ciciotti (in honor of GVRC), Jonathan Falls, Diana Edelman, Nick Greco, Kim Fleischhauer, Chip & Beverly Compertore, Sharon Yohn, Alexandra Kovacova, Jacob Miles, Greg Blossom, Shane Zanetti (in honor of Destiny Quick), Kyle & Katie Leonard, Stephen Leonard, Alexis Henion, Arianne Henion, Krystal Eichas, Dara Watkins, Nick & Sarah Warner,  Lauren Licata, Shari DeTar, Adam Seper,  Adrianne Messner, Michael Manning, Kelly Bodine and one “Captain Awesome”.

Volunteering in Bolivia - La Feria de La Lectura Video
Volunteering in Bolivia - La Feria de La Lectura Video


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