My Melbourne Makeover

Melbourne is considered to be one of the coolest and most trendy cities in all of Australia. Full of coffee-loving, gluten-free hipsters and artists, it feels more European than Australian – so I had to adapt.

Luckily, back when I was living in Medellin, Colombia, I met two fun-loving Aussies named Jace and Em who perfectly portrayed Melbourne’s unique spirit. We made a promise to reconnect at some point in the future, so when I had the opportunity to visit Australia, they were the first people I wanted to see!

 The only problem was when I got there they told me I looked more like a tourist than a townie… cut to the video!

My Melbourne Makeover

It should be noted that coffee culture is huge in Melbourne. Loyalty is earned by baristas and everyone will tell you that their place serves “the best coffee in Melbourne.” There’s even a movie about one Coffee Man who calls Melbourne home.

As a non-coffee drinker myself, I had to take their word for it because I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.

I’m happy to say that I had the first latte of my life during the filming of this episode, so that’s exciting. You always remember your first latte.

Along with my first latte, I also attended my first AFL (Australian Football League) match to see the mighty Geelong Cats crush the Western Bulldogs. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong team to support leading up to the contest.

Regardless, I had a great time in Melbourne. It is such an interesting and exciting place, and it was great to experience a different side of Australia, from a local perspective. I’m just not sure if the mustache is going to stick around when I leave.

If you have trouble watching the video on this blog watch it via YouTube here: My Melbourne Makeover

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My name is Gareth Leonard, a Marketing Director turned World Traveler with a passion for slow, meaningful travel. I have been traveling the world full-time for the past 9+ years and document it all on Instagram and YouTube. Come join me!


  1. Hi Gareth
    The video is amazing. I watched it thrice because i was burst into laugh you was looking funny. And, yeah I love this this place-Melbourne.

  2. Hi
    My only question is that how three of you are able to sport that loving smile through your journey…I mean, Don’t you get tired or what?…

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