The Best of Buenos Aires: Summer Edition

The Best of Summer in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDespite the constant sweat and weird smells coming from the Subte, summer in Buenos Aires has been nothing short of spectacular . I’ve experienced a lot of great things here in the city over the last few months and I wanted to share a few of my favorite spots. After you read this list please recommend other summer places you love and think I should hit before the weather starts cooling off. Enjoy.

Here is my “Best of Buenos Aires: Summer Edition” List:

Best For People Watching:

  • Walking down Sante Fe Avenue [Palermo to Pueyrredon] between 4 and 7pm passing by Alto Palermo in the process.
  • Taking the 152 Collectivo (bus) through the city (my favorite ride) you can take it down to Puerto Madero from Palermo or all the way to La Boca.
  • Pick a park or plaza and have a seat. You can watch everything from make out sessions to beggars to kids playing in the fountains.

Best Getaways:

  • Tigre, Argentina – (Pictured Above) Start at the Puerto de Frutos and end the day eating lunch on one of the many islands. It’s cheap and relaxing.
  • Polo lessons with Polo Elite – Spend an afternoon at a true estancia (ranch) and enjoy the countryside, fresh air and riding horses. Fernando is fluent in English, a great guy and a pretty damn good polo instructor to boot.
  • San Isidro & Martinez – Take a stroll along the Rio de la Plata and stop to eat at one of the many waterfront restaurants. I passed out in the grass one day at the bank of the river for about an 2 hours while watching kite surfers and views of the city. My roommate Sergio also told me that he rented a boat one day for him and his girlfriend in San Isidro… what a romantic guy huh?

Best Ways to Beat the Heat:

  • Check out one of the many art museums in the city, like the MALBA. There is some pretty sick stuff in these places and many of them are not like your average boring museum.
  • El Ateneo Library/Bookstore is a good place to just hang out, listen to music and check out some books.
  • Drink Clerico.

Lagos de Palermo in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBest Parks:

  • Lagos de Palermo – Big and beautiful baby. The rose garden is pretty cool even for a straight guy.
  • Parque las Heras – The mix of people at this park is great. I would go after about 4pm because thats when a lot of people venture there from work. During the day you get all types of sun bathers. Some are excellent and others hinder your thought process for a few minutes.
  • Jardin Japones – more of an oasis than a park but still. If you practice Tai Chi this is your spot. Avoid it on the weekends.

San Isidro Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBest Restaurants

  • La Fabrica Del Taco – Try the pastor with pineapple and lemonade… enough said.
  • Mark’s Deli – Sandwiches & Salads
  • Natural Deli – Try the Waldorf Salad & the Berry Good Smoothie
  • Pura Vida – Fresh smoothies and fruit juices (I love wheatgrass)
  • Kansas Grill Palermo – Great ribs and salads right next to the Hipodromo & air conditioned!
  • Las Cabras – Tourists and locals dine side by side and rightfully so. In my opinion this is the Best Parrilla in Buenos Aires. TRY: La Gran Bife de Las Cabras it has everything! If you can’t handle that just start off with some proveleta and finish with the bife de chorizo.
  • Barrances de Alvear – (Pictured Above) Restaurant right on the water of the rio in Martinez.
  • Chungo – Buenos Aires has amazing helado and you can’t really go wrong anywhere you get it. But, this is my top pick. Favorites: frutos de bosque and chocolate con almendras

Best Night Spots:

I’m not a big fan of the mega-clubs so for me rooftop terraces are the way to go in the summertime. These are my top picks.

  • Carnal – Mist cools you off and the women keep you coming back. However, the food can be skipped.
  • Congo – Right next to Kika so you can start off here with amazing Cipiroskas and then head next door until wee hours of the morning
  • Terrazas del Este – Upper class after work spot that comes with beautiful women.
  • BONUS: Paseo de Sol – low-key hidden gem behind Alta Palermo where you can sit outside amongst locals, drink beer and eat panchos. As Seen Here
  • BONUS:Sabbia – Opposite of Paseo de Sol. Higher class of people. Downstairs is a lounge and upstairs is dancing.

Live Music at Makena in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBest Live Music:

  • La Bomba De Tiempo – Touristy… yes. Amazing… yes. Sweaty… hell yes! There is a lady on the street that sells weed brownies before the concert and inside you can buy huge beers to keep you dancing. Luckily for me i’m high off of life so I don’t need this stuff.
  • Makena – (Pictured Above) Live music spot in Palermo where a lot of locals kick it.
  • Thelonious Club – Cool down with some live jazz tunes.
  • San Telmo Market on Sundays – Free music everywhere just walk around.

Best Summer Events:

  • Guatuachu for Carnival – Only a few weekends left for the best of Argentina carnival celebration. I’m trying to find a way to go the for the last Saturday.
  • Buenos Aires Playa – The government of Buenos Aires setup “beaches” throughout the parks and along the river of the city.  Ends February 28th.
  • Movie nights at Konex – I haven’t been here yet but I heard its a great time.
  • I also heard something about live music at the Ecological Reserve.
  • I know I’m forgetting a ton here… help me out!

What else am I missing?

What is your favorite spots?


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My name is Gareth Leonard, a Marketing Director turned World Traveler with a passion for slow, meaningful travel. I have been traveling the world full-time for the past 9+ years and document it all on Instagram and YouTube. Come join me!


  1. missing: samsung studios in san telmo for good live music, antares in palermo for great beer and pretty good food, also tazz (plaza armenia not plaza serrano) is great for playing pool drinking or dancing but not so overwhelming boliche style, and next door is podesta which has awesome live music especially on thursday nights.

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