A Day of Luxury at the Turnberry Isle Miami

Have you ever been somewhere so nice that you get intimated just walking in the door? Between the extravagant art collection, top notch golf course and plush digs, that is how I felt coming into the Turnberry Isle Miami.

I honestly didn’t think they would let me by the Koi pond at the front entrance when I pulled up next to the Bentleys and Beamers in my rented Fiat 500.

But, I did not waiver. I wouldn’t be Tourist 2 Townie if I couldn’t adapt and become part of this “foreign” community as well.

I got settled in suite, ordered room service, walked around in the complimentary bathrobe and started to feel how the other half lives.

Once adjusted, I took the Turnberry by storm and set out to experience everything this beautiful resort had to offer. From tennis lessons with Cañas Tennis at the Turnberry Tennis Center and golfing on one of the two professional courses, to relaxing in the Spa and feasting at the Bourbon Steakhouse by night.

The video above showcases my day of Luxury at the Turnberry Isle Miami. Below are a few photos of the highlights.

Arriving at the Turnberry Isle Miami
Tourist 2 Townie Miami. Ballin in my Fiat 500.

Despite it’s luxurious decor and atmosphere, what surprised me the most about the Turnberry Isle Miami was how family friendly it was. Between the Laguna Pool and all the kid-activities around the property, it made me feel a lot less worried about breaking all the nice things. I could just blame it on a kid.

The Lazy River around the Laguna Pool at Turnberry Isle Miami
What on earth is better than a lazy river?

Lazy rivers are gods way of telling us that everything is going to be okay.

The view from my room at the Turnberry Isle Miami
The view from my room at the Turnberry Isle Miami (golf course waterfall included)

Check out my instagram for a full tour of my incredible room at the Turnberry Isle Miami. Complete with this incredible view, specious living room and a bathroom the size of some of my old apartments.

Tennis Lessons with Julian of Cañas Tennis at the Turnberry Isle Tennis Center
Getting serious for my first tennis lessons with Julian of Cañas Tennis at the Turnberry

I have always wanted to take tennis lessons and Julian of Cañas Tennis didn’t disappoint. He worked me out for an hour, showing me the proper technique for crushing both forehand and backhand shots.

Golfing at the Turnberry Isle Miami
Golfing the Miller Course at the Turnberry Isle Miami

18-holes of championship golf is what you get between The Miller and Soffer Courses at the Turnberry Isle Miami. I was captivated by the surroundings as I moved from one well manicured bunker to the next, but don’t worry, you won’t find many of degenerates like me on the course, it is legit.

The Spa at the Turnberry Isle Miami
Meet my new best friend Rosangela and her magic hands.

Until my #BloggingFL trip I had only one other (professional) message in my life and that was in Baños, Ecuador. Things got weird and I left after the women climbed on top of the bed and starting punching my back. This time was much different. Rosangela used her magic hands to remove all the tension in my body and exchange it with the feeling of tranquility and wealth. I think I love her.

Dinner at the Bourbon Steakhouse at Turnberry Isle Miami
Steak, Lobster Casserole, Oysters, Duck Fat French Fries, Cocktails and Great Company at the Bourbon Steakhouse

After a full day of luxury, sports and relaxation, I met Luisana of Diamond PR at the Bourbon Steakhouse to give my taste buds some pampering of their own. I blacked out from all the oral stimulation, but from what I remember, there was filet mignon you could eat with a spoon, cocktails you could drink by the gallon and a lobster casserole (prepared at the table) that the Little Mermaid herself would even eat.

Turnberry Isle Miami, I could get used to this.

My name is Gareth Leonard, a Marketing Director turned World Traveler with a passion for slow, meaningful travel. I have been traveling the world full-time for the past 9+ years and document it all on Instagram and YouTube. Come join me!

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