FOTO FRIDAY: A Quick Trip to La Paz

The Houses of La Paz, Bolivia
Welcome to Legoland!

You can’t make a trip to Bolivia and not pass through La Paz. It is the world’s highest city (by altitude), home to the infamous San Pedro Prison and built like a giant legoland set.

After mountain biking down the world’s most dangerous road while in town, it was time to experience La Paz, Bolivia.

La Paz is also Bolivia’s second capital city, along with Sucre. While La Paz focuses on the political side of governing, Sucre is the judicial headquarters. Two capitals in one country give you an example of some of the inefficiencies here in Bolivia.

Either way, I really enjoyed the big metropolis that was La Paz. The skyline was stacked with colors, the streets were bustling with life and the food scene was much more developed than in Sucre.

When it came down to it, I couldn’t reason venturing into the San Pedro Prison, even though it appeared to be open. When we walked up to the gate to ask around for a tour, I witnessed a sea of men standing around inside. This was not a very comforting scene for a blonde abroad so we pulled the chute.

Regardless of backing out of the prison experience we managed to have a great time in the city.

Here’s a few shots of our quick adventure in La Paz. Enjoy.

The streets of La Paz, Bolivia
The bustling streets of La Paz, Bolivia
Food in La Paz Bolivia
Drive-thru bread supply on the streets of La Paz, Bolivia
National Guard around the President's Meeting in La Paz
Guards secure the main square during a presidential party. We asked if we were on the list.
La Paz Skyline
The crazy beautiful skyline of La Paz, Bolivia
San Pedro Prison in La Paz, Bolivia
The front gate to the San Pedro prison on visitors day in La Paz, Bolivia. Maybe next time.

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