FOTO FRIDAY: San Diego Pandas

Pandas at the San Diego Zoo
Pandas at the San Diego Zoo

It’s a rainy day here in Rochester, New York. Hurricane Irene is about to crush the east coast and I’m day dreaming about life back in sunny San Diego. One of my favorite things to do in San Diego was to venture down to the San Diego Zoo and hang out with their incredible residents.

The San Diego Zoo definitely lives up to the hype of being known as one of the best zoos in the United States.

While the pandas above attract a pretty substantial crowd, my favorite zoo resident is definitely the beautiful snow leopard. It’s an incredibly agile beast that is smooth in every movement and rocks a pretty badass coat.

San Diego Zoo - Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard on the prowl at the San Diego Zoo

These snow leopards were extra exciting on the day I snapped these photos because there was a little boy running back and forth in front of their cage. To them it probably looked like a great lunch, so they were pacing back and forth, with an eye on his every move.

I have always had mixed emotions when it comes to zoos. I love the fact that I can see all those animals in one place, many of which I would never have the opportunity to see in real life (or want to), but sometimes they look so depressed. At the zoo in Buffalo, New York the bears looked so skinny and drugged up, I’ve been plotting their escape for years.

I just have to figure out what to do with them once we get to my car.

These Koala bears seem to have it pretty good though. All you can eat eucalyptus and all their friends and family around.

San Diego Zoo - Koala Bear
San Diego Zoo - Koala Bear

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