Top 10 Best World Cup Commercials

Best World Cup 2014 Commercials

Here we go, ten days until Brazil faces Croatia in the opening 2014 World Cup match in Sao Paulo.

The only thing higher than the tension here in Brazil is the expectations to win their record sixth FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Besides a few updates regarding the World Cup stadiums progress and protests in Rio de Janeiro, I have been pretty quiet about the build up. That’s all about to change!

Here’s the first of my 10-day countdown to kick-off on June 12th to get you as excited as I am for the chaos that’s about to ensue. First up…

World Cup Countdown #10 – My 10 (more than 10) favorite World Cup commercials to get you pumped up…

10. VISA – “Everyone is Welcome,” is a funny commercial that sparks a little World Cup history between Italy and Brazil. Would a true Brazilian fan be this “welcoming?” We will see.

9. ADIDAS – The “love me or lose me” commercial from Adidas features Argentina’s Messi, the German team and some street ballers from Brazil.

To be honest, I expected more out of Adidas for the World Cup, and then I saw this one. Messi’s bad dream featuring music by Kanye West. Now we’re talking Adidas!

8. NIKE – Nike always brings the heat when it comes to fueling major sporting events, so you know they were going to come with some classics for the worlds biggest. Nike’s first slogan “risk everything” is badass and features Nike’s heavyweights; Wayne Rooney (England), Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr.

Their second is “Winner Stays” and features the same cast and then some (including a cameo by Kobe Bryant and the Hulk). Remember, always be yourself.

7. ESPN – I have no idea what this has to do with the World Cup, but it’s funny and he’s British, so he must know a lot about soccer.

This one makes much more sense. I love sports.

One more ESPN spot for the USA team, who will need more than believing to win this World Cup. I believe they can… get to the group elimination stage against Germany.

6. Coca-Cola – A World Cup staple, Coca-cola goes for the emotional angle with this “One World, One Game” World Cup ad. As they put it, “Young men and women from cities and communities around the world were invited to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil by Coca-Cola. From an isolated community in the Amazon in Brasil, to the forgotten city of Ramallah, Palestine, Eastern Europe, and the tsunami affected area of Otsuchi, Japan. Because the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ is truly the World’s Cup and everyone is invited!”

5. TAM Airlines – The Brazilian airline company features Brazilian players coming home to Brazil from their professional team’s European countries and those that try to stand in their way. It’s not too much World Cup and has a great brand message (I’m a marketing nerd).

4. Quilmes – I absolutely love the the Argentine beer company’s World Cup commercials. They had an awesome one for the 2010 World Cup and they did it again with another hair-raising voice over that describes individual players and the country’s incredible thirst for victory in “Con que se van a encontrar,” (with that they will find).

3. Castrol – Put Neymar Jr. against Ken Block and you have commercial gold.

2. DirecTV Latin America – The Latin American broadcast network enlisted writer/director Oliver Stone to create this dramatic spot, which explains the passion, tension and pain that go into the games. This gives me goosebumps. “Nothing more important,” I’m ready!

1. McDonald’s – This one is my favorite because there are some very familiar locations in this spot. In fact, the bridge that the guy kicks the ball over is in Rio and I cross it almost every day when I go running on Flamengo beach. GOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!




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