Spanish, Chapter 4: Bueno, Entonces…

Study Spanish in Buenos Aires

First, I tried the private classes with Cecilia, which were great for getting me into the swing of things when I first arrived. However, I soon found out that I needed more structural help than conversational practice. So, I switched over to group Spanish classes at BASP. The 2-week intensive program helped me get a grasp on the fundamentals in a fun atmosphere with excellent Brazilian eye candy! Now strapped for funds, I’m turning to a 3rd option to help me master the Spanish language.

Last week a friend of mine gave me a copy of an interactive online Spanish learning program that he created called Bueno, Entonces… by General Linguistics. They dub it as a mix between Rosetta Stone and South Park.

I’m going to give it a whirl and let you know how it goes. If you want to join me in the adventure of learning Spanish, let me know and I’ll get you a deall! ; )

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