Travel Bhutan: A Visual Journey Through the Dragon Kingdom

My love affair started on the initial descent into Paro, as we made a hard left turn to cut through the surrounding mountains. The once chatty Chinese tourists that filled the cabin were now reduced to whimpering bystanders.

This was not a small plane, and yet, our Bhutanese pilot made skillful maneuvers as if he was Maverick chasing Iceman.

We were warned that the arrival into Bhutan would be an exciting one, but the incredible views that appeared as we cut through the clouds, muted any doubt or fear.

When you see the Bhutanese landscape for the first time, it feels like you’ve been transported into a parallel universe. Beautifully designed traditional homes and monasteries scatter across the open green countryside, and rivers divide mountains like Mother Nature’s cleavage.

Paro, Bhutan Photo

Bhutan is a country that I knew absolutely nothing about before the trip, but from the moment we touched down in Paro, I knew that it was going to be a special experience.

Thanks to an invitation by Yeoong Tours & Travel, Clint from TripHackr and I spent eight days traveling around the country, exploring the life and culture here in the self-proclaimed Dragon Kingdom.

The only thing cooler than it’s name were the people and places we met along the way.

Here’s a visual journey through one of the most unique and beautiful countries I’ve ever experienced…


King and Queen of Bhutan at Paro Airport

The Paro Airport is something to be seen. The traditional architecture resinates even here, and a giant billboard of the King and Queen of Bhutan greets you on the tarmac.

Side Note: Their photo appears everywhere around the country – From living room posters to the background of clocks in restaurants. I welcomed the sight because the queen is absolutely stunning – as are many of the women in Bhutan.

From the airport we made our way into downtown Paro for our first glimpse into life in Bhutan. The streets seemed quiet and organized, the people – relaxed and friendly and the dogs – plentiful but healthy.

Paro Bhutan Downtown

Below is a traditional home design in Bhutan. Even the most basic of houses consist of colorful and intricate details. Throughout our first day on tour, I would ask “oh, that building seems important, what’s that?” And our guides would respond “just a farm house.”

Traditional Bhutanese Home

Buddhist prayer flags on the outskirts of Paro…

Prayer Flags outside Paro Bhutan

I don’t know who prayed for this, but under the prayer flags, and around the country marijuana grows like shrubs. The only problem is, if you get caught smoking weed in Bhutan, you’re looking at about eight years in prison. Not worth it bud!

Bhutan Tours - Trade School Visit

We stopped into a Bhutanese trade school where students worked on Bhuddist drawings, sculptures, and paintings.

Paro Bhutan Trade School

Bhutan Traditional Buddhist Paintings

It was interesting to see the detail and commitment to tradition that was visible in all works. Below, a woman making traditional paper the old fashion way in a small factory outside of Paro (the new wet paper is behind her).

Bhutan Making Traditional Paper

Rinpung Dzong in Paro Bhutan

Used as a fortress during war-time, the Rinpung Dzong overlooks Paro, and now serves as part Buddhist monastery and part government offices. The views from within the walls are breathtaking…

The View from Inside Rinpung Dzong in Paro Bhutan

Bhutan Suspension Bridge with Prayer Flags

From Paro, we traveled through mountains and crossed over bridges on our way to the Capital of Bhutan – Thimphu.

Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu

Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu - Buddha Statue

We stopped to see the construction of what will be the world’s largest Buddha statue, which will house over one hundred thousand smaller buddha statues inside. From the giant bronze and gold structure, we had a great view of Things to do in Thimphu and the King’s offices below…

Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu - King's Office

In downtown Thimphu, the streets were a little more hectic than in Paro, but nowhere near what you’d expect from a capital city. The air was fresh and the atmosphere was welcoming.

Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu

I caught these little trouble makers trying to ride the parked motorcycle on their way home from school…

Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu - School Kids

Meanwhile, at the public market downtown, fresh produce, dried cheeses and exotic spices had my senses running wild…

Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu Public Market

Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu Public Market Greens

Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu Public Market Cheese

Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu Public Market Spices

Capital of Bhutan - Thimphu Public Market Kids

While at the market, we also had to try the Bhutanese staple known as Doma. You can’t go anywhere in Bhutan without seeing people chewing this stuff, as it looks like everybody has a big wad of red tobacco in their cheeks.

Chewing Doma in Bhutan

To Chew: Take a half of betel nut (areca nut), some weird lime paste, and wrap it in a betel nut leaf, and then just chew for a long, long time. The taste is unique and not particularly desirable for those not used to it (me). It’s like a peppery spearmint mixed with nutty black licorice. Like chewing tobacco, it might even make you sick of you swallow too much. 

A pleasant Bhutanese staple however, was the deliciously spicy food of Bhutan. While rice is the customary staple, the peppers and sauces used to accompany each dish were out of this world.

The spice caused a lot of sweating and beer drinking… but that should always be the goal, amiright?

Bhutan - Tradition Bhutanese Food

And what goes better with a abundance of alcohol than Bhutan’s national sport – Archery!

Bhutanese archery competitions consist of two teams of 13-players, who take turns shooting at a target almost 500 feet away. The first team to score 25 points wins, but the scoring system can be a bit complicated.

The best thing about the sport is that you can talk trash to your competitors while they’re shooting! There’s no “please sir, no talking during my back swing,” and that makes it so much better.  

Bhutan - ArcheryAnother popular sport in Bhutan is cricket. A few local kids tried teaching me the rules at an open parking lot in Thimphu, but I still don’t fully understand. I need to put some time in and learn the sport because it looks like one big home run derby – which is awesome.

Bhutan - Cricket

From Thimphu, we set out to explore ancient fortresses and epic monasteries outside the city… look at those determined faces.

Punakha Dzong - Bhutan Tours - Yeoong Tours & Travel

The Yeoong Tours Crew in front of my future home, the Punakha Dzong AKA “The Palace of Great Happiness.” Such a beautiful structure that splits its duties, like many of the other “dzongs,” between Buddhist monastery and government building.

Punakha Dzong - Bhutan Tours

Inside the Punakha Dzong

Bhutan Tours - Inside the Monastery Walls

Buddhist Monks in Bhutan

In a different monastery close by, a women spin prayer wheels as they recite scriptures and personal prayers – a common practice seen throughout the country and region.

Buddhist Prayer Wheels in Bhutan

Bhutan - Bhuddist Prayer Wheels

Way up in the mountains, the Bhutan Tours - Buddhist Monastery

People come from all over to be blessed by him, and it was interesting to witness his poise and dedication first-hand as we sat in on his service.

Bhutan Tours - Buddhist Monastery

Outside, a goat guards the dirt path while inside the monastery, you can see the temple in the center surrounded by the student’s dorms. Unfortunately, no photos or video are allowed inside the temples, where all the magic happens.

Bhutan Tours - Buddhist Monastery

On our last night in Bhutan, the Yeoong Tours & Travel team put on a traditional Bhutanese dance and music show, but Clint and I couldn’t just sit around and watch…

Bhutan Tours - Yeoong Tours & Travel Presents: The Funky Monks

Shout out to King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck for allowing us to travel Bhutan!

King of Bhutan with Clint & I

And a HUGE thank you to Yeoong Tours & Travels and these two awesome guides/friends, Singye and Tashi, who made our trip absolutely epic. Stayed tuned for the Bhutan videos for so much more about our trip (including nightlife, moonshine and PG strippers).

Bhutan Bridge Buddies


NEXT UP ON THE BLOG: “The Trek to Tiger’s Nest,” “Sorry for all the Dick Pics,” and “Mountain Biking in Bhutan.”


My name is Gareth Leonard, a Marketing Director turned World Traveler with a passion for slow, meaningful travel. I have been traveling the world full-time for the past 9+ years and document it all on Instagram and YouTube. Come join me!


  1. I loved your post and descriptions. And the photos are absolutely stunning. Bhutan has always been a very underrated tourist destination. I would love to visit this dreamland if I ever get the chance.

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