Planning Dad’s Visit to Buenos Aires

Planning a Trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina

It has been almost 90-days since my last out-of-country excursion to Punta del Esta, so that means it’s time for a Visa stamp run. It is perfect timing too because my dad is going to be here in less than a week.

This is what I have been planning…

May 14: Dad Arrives via Chicago

May 15: Basketball & Asado with friends then the Pub Crawl Crew is throwing a huge booze cruise party in Puerto Madero with popular Buenos Aires clubs, Hype and Severino.

May 17: We are flying (via LAN) to Mendoza for a few days of bicycle wine tours & hang-gliding.

May 20: We’re taking a bus (via CATA International) to Santiago, Chile.

May 21: We are taking a day trip to the coast of Chile to checkout Valparaiso & Vina del Mar. The cool thing about this day trip is that a friend of a friend actually put me in contact with someone from Viator Travel so in exchange for a write-up, pictures and a blog post about the trip we get to check it out for free ($246.00 value).

May 23: We take a bus back from Santiago in the morning and then fly back to Buenos Aires from there that night.

From there we’ll plan the rest of the trip and hopefully an Iguazu Falls excursion. Also, May 24 Argentina plays Canada at River Pate stadium and May 25th is Argentina’s independence day and the famous Colon Theater in Buenos Aires is re-opening!

I have to say thank you to Mariela from Buenos Aires Concierge who helped me out with some of the details. Otherwise, we’ll be staying in Sheraton Hotels pretty much everywhere we go because my dad is all about bonus points!

He’ll be here until the 30th so it should be an adventurous trip and I’ll obviously keep you posted.

Any other tips, tricks or things I should do (or stay away from) in Mendoza and/or Santiago please let me know.

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