7 Facts About Macchu Picchu That Your Guide Didn’t Mention

The view of Machu Picchu from high above Huayna Picchu
The view of Machu Picchu from high above Huayna Picchu

For every tourist who is interested in anything that is connected with legendary historical monuments, miracles of nature and secrets of ancient tribes, Machu-Picchu is a must go place. As it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, there are 7 facts about Macchu Picchu that your guide didn’t mention.

  1. According to the most popular theory Macchu-Picchu’s situation is not accidental. Before Incas chose it, they took geophysical, astronomical and geological studies. Only after the ancient tribe made a list of safety requirements they picked the exact place. It was made so because Macchu-Picchu was aimed to become a fortress of religious, scientific and political stronghold of Inca’s government.
  2. Macchu-Picchu’s architecture can serve as an evidence that tribe Inca was an extremely developed in technical sphere civilization. When scientist firstly founded ancient ruins they were stunned by reliable structures and accurate planning of the city. What strikes the most is that ancient architects didn’t use any binder like concrete. The rocks hang on each other only with a help of their weight.
  3. The surrounding territory constantly amazes with its unbelievable beauty. The mighty of ancient ruins is wonderfully combined with a great variety of flora and fauna of Machu Picchu. It is one of those rare places that grow exotic plants like peltate palms, alders and conucals. This place has more than 400 types of begonias and orchids and only 260 types of each are classified.
  4. Animals that inhabit Macchu-Picchu are impressing by its variety. There are 375 types of birds and about 200 of them can be seen during excursions. One of the bright representatives is Cock-of-the-rock, who is an official symbol of Peru. It can be easily recognized by its bright covert. The bird is indeed, a very friendly creature which can be met very often somewhere near the lakes. Andes bear is one of the most interesting animals in the place who is unfortunately under the risk of extinction. The spectacled bear is absolutely safe, he eats only plants. Because of his shy manners, it is very difficult to take a picture of him. In Macchu-Picchu you can also meet white-tail deer, wild lamas and other representatives of exotic fauna.
  5. The whole area of the “Lost City” is 32 520 ha .It is fascinating that till recent days scientists from all over the world could study only 35 % of it. It is believed that further exploring will bring many unusual and interesting facts about this land. In order not to get lost you can spend a night in a Hotel Grupo Inti to refresh your energy and continue your amazing journey.
  6. One of the most interesting spots in Macchu-Picchu – “Intuana”, a so-called “sun stone”. The stone has a shape of a fist with a thumb up. A famous astrophysics R. Muller proved that sides and situation of the stone was made as a sun clock which is absolutely unbelievable because these civilization didn’t even have a wheel.
  7. Several excavations showed interesting regularity that there were 10 women for one man. On this basis scientists assumed that Macchu-Picchu was a sacred asylum for legendary “Alkas, the most beautiful virgins that dedicated themselves to the ministering to the Sun God.

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  1. This is wonderful information and will enrich my experience this summer when I go there. I will look forward to learning more of your deeper insights into Peru before my departure. I was the very lucky auction winner of Intrepid Travel’s 9 day tour of Peru at last year’s International Ecotourism Society conference, and of course it includes Machu Picchu. Thanks for sharing!

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