Best Parks in Montreal To Spend The Day

Best Montreal Parks - Girouard-Park
Best Parks in Montreal – Girouard Park (photo via mtlblog)

While some enjoy blasting around cities hitting up bars, checking out attractions, or partying, some just want to find a place to curl up with a book and zen out. One place where this isn’t just possible, but encouraged, is Montreal, Quebec. A Canadian city with major European roots, visiting Montreal is much like visiting a city like Paris. Cafe terraces are loaded with coffee drinkers, parks are filled with blankets and baskets, and sleeping, stuffed with bread humans are sprawled about. So, what are some of the best parks for a good outdoor nap attack? Here are the best parks in Montreal…

Best Parks in Montreal

Girouard Park

Located in Montreal’s Notre-Dame-De-Grace (NDG) neighbourhood, Girouard Park is a massive green space in the heart of this borough. With a large central fountain, one of the city’s best maintained dog parks, and great athletic facilities, the park is best enjoyed in the sun or shade with a book or with friends. With plenty of great food spots located nearby, the park is also a great place to enjoy lunch or a snack outdoors.

Parc LaFontaine

One of two giant parks located in the hip Plateau borough, Parc LaFontaine is all about giant trees, waterways, and awesome walking or jogging trails. While most activity lounging activity goes down in the Summer, Parc LaFontaine is also a great Winter park thanks to the massive amounts of rinks that are available for skating or hockey on a first come, first serve basis. Like Girouard, there are no shortage of great places to grab grub near the park. They recommend Poutine La Banquise, one of Montreal’s most famous 24 hour poutine dives.

Parc Mont-Royal 

Hands down Montreal’s most famous park. Parc Mont-Royal is located at the top of the mountain that gives Montreal its name. Blessed with beautiful wooded areas, a man-made lake, and some of the best lookouts of the city you can get, Parc Mont-Royal is generally a very busy spot for tourists and locals alike. Make sure you take a few photos while here because the hike up does take some time.

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