Prettiest Beaches in Mexico

Boasting 10,000km of coastline, it’s really no surprise that Mexico is a popular holiday spot among worshippers of the sun, sand and sea. While enjoying coastal vacations in this idyllic part of the world, you can experience soft, white beaches and crystal clear waters.

Some areas are particularly renowned for their beautiful beaches. So, if you’re planning last minute holidays to this country and you want to find the best spots along the shoreline, it’s important that you know where to aim for. This brief guide talks you through some of most attractive beaches in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Mexico
The Beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (photo via

The lively resort of Puerto Vallarta on the west coast offers an abundance of beaches. In the hotel zones located in the north, you’ll find a hive of activity on the shoreline. However, if you want to escape the crowds and enjoy a more secluded experience, you can venture 30 minutes off shore to the Marieta Islands. Situated within a large marine national park, they are home to an array of tiny yet breathtaking beaches.


mazatlan - mexico
The View of Mazatlan, Mexico (photo via

With 20km of beaches, Mazatlán has long proved a hit among seaside loving tourists. Also located on the west coast, this visitor spot may have fallen out of fashion somewhat in the 1970s and 80s, but it’s now seeing a resurgence in interest. Its beaches may not quite be in the same league as those in Puerto Vallarta, but it offers plenty of pretty sandy areas to explore, and this part of Mexico also provides impressive value for money. Meanwhile, if you want to test your skills on a surf board, Mazatlán – also known as the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ – could be the ideal destination for you.


Across the other side of the country on Yucatan Peninsula, you’ll find Cancun. Lapped by inviting Caribbean waters, the coastal part of this city is a globally renowned tourist destination. For tranquil seas, head to the beaches located on the north side. They are protected from rougher swells by the Isla Mujeres. Meanwhile, for some bigger waves, make your way to the sandy spots on the east side.

Regardless of the type of beach you’re after, you won’t struggle to find it at one of the Prettiest Beaches in Mexico.

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