Shutter Bugs: Toronto’s Top Shooting Locations According To FlightHub

Canada’s largest city, Toronto, Ontario, is a booming business metropolis. As Canada’s economic and business capital, it has developed something of a reputation as a cold and expensive city. While it can be that in certain areas, Toronto is actually loaded with culture, character, and history. From it’s days as a glorified agricultural centre, it is famously nicknamed Hogtown, to a booming city that features some of Canada’s brightest and most creative minds, Toronto is a place where art runs wild, especially in its many diverse neighbourhoods. For photographers it can be a goldmine. Whether seeking legendary street art, snapping pictures at a famous music venue, or just grabbing shots of Toronto’s legendary skyline, there are plenty of photogenic subjects ready to be photographed. FlightHub, a Canadian online travel agency, knows this well. As a travel agency dedicated to showing people the greatest places to see and visit, I asked that FlightHub review some of the coolest spots to shoot in Toronto.

Best Photo Spots in Toronto - CN Tower
Best Photo Spots in Toronto – CN Tower

CN Tower 

An iconic tower that pulls the threads of Toronto’s skyline together, CN Tower is about as recognizable as any building on the planet according to FlightHub. Built in 1973 and standing at 553 metres tall, the CN Tower is a great subject of a shot. Whether as part of a broader skyline image, or taking snaps from its many observation decks, you can grab unique looks at Toronto from inside or outside the tower. Not to be forgotten, the Rogers Centre, which formerly went as the way cooler sounding SkyDome, sits at the base of the tower and is also worth your photographic attention.

Best Photo Spots in Toronto - Kensington Market
Best Photo Spots in Toronto – Kensington Market

Kensington Market

 The street art capital of Toronto, Kensington Market is a haven for sweet shops, great cafes, and awesome graffiti. Every alley is a canvas in Kensington Market, with iconic pieces lining this distinct neighbourhood near downtown Toronto. If you think you’ve seen all you can see, FlightHub says you can make your way to Toronto’s massive nearby Chinatown for more shots, and some great food.

Best Photo Spots in Toronto - Casa Loma
Best Photo Spots in Toronto – Casa Loma

Casa Loma

This Gothic Revival estate is one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Toronto according to FlightHub. Now a museum and landmark, Casa Loma was built in 1911 and was originally the home of a wealthy financier. It was opened to the public as a museum in 1937. Cool fact about Casa Loma, during World War II the building was used as a secret research station investigating sonar capabilities. It operated secretly thanks to a clever disguise, an in-repair sign. This allowed scientists to enter as contractors with no one being the wiser. As for photos, the building itself is a beautiful piece of architecture. Complete with massive gardens, you can check out his Gothic beauty and grab some great shots along the way!

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