The Best Amusement Parks in the USA

Best Amusement Parks in America - Six Flags
Best Amusement Parks in America – Six Flags, Illinois (photo via

Do you enjoy being scared breathless, rattled around and spun until you’re dizzy enough to fall over? If so, the stunning theme parks of the USA exist to make your day. With a penchant for making things bigger and better, where better than America to hunt down the thrills and spills of the world’s top rides? And believe me, there are some incredible rides to choose from. Choose from America’s best, and don’t eat your lunch until you’re done with the rollercoaster!

Adventuredome, Las Vegas

Flights to Las Vegas aren’t only for the poker players, this oasis in the Nevada Desert has attractions aplenty, one being the five-acre Adventuredome park. Highlights include the Canyon Blaster, the world’s only indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster which speeds along at 55 mph, and the Disk’O, which spins and rocks and generally scares people’s socks off. So if it’s a glitzy scare you’re looking for, book those flights to Las Vegas today.

Disney World, Florida

Home to four separate theme parks as well as a ton of other recreational complexes, the Walt Disney Resort has a home on any list of the USA’s greats. While it’s the love of Disney’s abiding characters that tends to draw the crowds, you’ll find there are plenty of rides for getting your pulse racing too – especially the NASA inspired Mission Space and the terrifying Expedition Everest. And if you book flights to Miami (or Orlando), be sure to stop off at the Parrot Jungle for some nature related excitement on your way to Orlando.

Six Flags, Illinois

The perfect place to enjoy some classic American amusement park fun, Six Flags has around 70 different rides to choose from, and while many are kid friendly, there are a few corkers that are only for brave adults, such as the award winning Raging Bull. A recent but already much loved addition to the park is the Batman-themed, The Dark Knight, which is the park’s first indoor and part-dark coaster and a must for all fans of the caped crusader.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia

This gorgeously designed park has 10 different hamlets, all inspired by parts of Europe, making it an interesting experience for European travellers! But it’s wonderfully designed, and well worth a trip to the USA, especially for the Griffon, which just happens to be the world’s tallest and fastest dive machine coaster, and the Mäch Tower, the highest ride in Busch Gardens at 240ft.

Cedar Point, Ohio

A perfect example of the desire to make things as big and bright as possible, Cedar Point has a whopping 75 rides, ten shows, a water park and 17 rollercoasters spread out over its 364-acres. No matter what kind of ride tickles your fancy, you’re sure to find several of them at this massive amusement park. Be sure not to miss wooden wonder Mean Streak, with its nail-biting 120mph, 400ft. 90-degree drop, and if you have a real need for speed, the Top Thrill Dragster is sure to be right up your street.

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  1. Hey, great share…..

    Summertime is practically synonymous with roller coasters, carnival games, and funnel cake. Most of us have fond memories of amusement parks from childhood, and many of us still make regular trips there as an adult.
    USA really have some great amusement parks. I would definitely like to visit at least one of them.

    Keep sharing more….

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