The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque is the quintessential landmark in Istanbul, Turkey. Visitors from all around the world travel to here to witness its architectural beauty, and experience its rich religious history.

I recently teamed up with Walks of Turkey to shoot a five-part series around Istanbul – and there’s no better place to start then one of the best things to see in the city!

The given name for this mosque is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, however, as I explain in the video, the blue tiles inside give it its nickname “The Blue Mosque.”

Enjoy the moving visuals above and still snaps below…

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey

Hanging out in the gardens in front of the Mosque, enjoying an Istanbul staple, Simit.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey

Crowds constantly gather outside the Blue Mosque, and during Ramadan families sit in the grass until the sun sets before they share a picnic.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey

Inside the incredible courtyard before entering into the mosque.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey

Inside, the amazing detail of the blue and gold tiles, massive pillars and low-hanging chandeliers is an unbelievable sight.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey

At night the Blue Mosque illuminates the sky, and the colorful attraction of the nearby fountain makes the Sultanahmet area a great place to stroll around at night.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul Turkey

For more information about Blue Mosque and tour options, check out Walks of Turkey, and stay tuned for more videos from Turkey on the T2T YouTube Channel!



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