Where The Locals Go: JustFly’s Top Four Off The Map Restaurants In Montreal

Bombay Mahal Restaurant in Montreal
Bombay Mahal Restaurant in Montreal, Canada (photo via premviaggindia.com)

Hop on Yelp, Zomato, or other foodie review sites and you will quickly get a grasp of a cities best and/or most popular restaurants. While this can generally be a good barometer for finding great places to eat, sometimes finding the hidden, lesser known, or brand new spots that haven’t been found yet is where the real gold is. Finding these spots either means your a local or your an expert. Seeing as I am neither, I consulted with JustFly. An online travel agency, JustFly was able to give me four great, off the map, reservations in Montreal, Quebec. One of Canada’s best culinary cities, the list is already making me hungry!


 A hole in the wall on Sherbrooke West, Cosmos is a longtime secret of the Notre-Dame-De-Grace (NDG) neighbourhood. Specializing in hangover breakfasts, patrons can expect two certainties, butter and potatoes. Cosmos signature plates according to JustFly’s review are their mashes, which are more or less a breakfast slurry you scoop off your plate. The staff is rambunctious, making for great conversation, or in the very least some gentle ribbing as you begin your climb back to health after a night out.


A new spot in the Saint Henri neighbourhood, Loic is definitely a hip spot to grab a meal. Located at Saint Remi and Notre Dame, this bar/restaurant, which is located in a former bank building, features a ton of different wines, scotches, and, of course, food. While the menu is flexible, you can always expect good quality dishes.


You like country music? Do you like beer? Do you like fried chicken? Well, Pistoleros is exactly the place for you. This downtown bar also offers some of the best bourbons in the city to go with an environment that promotes seriously good vibes.

Bombay Mahal

Despite being Montreal’s best Indian restaurant Bombay Mahal still tends to fly below the radar of the Montreal restaurant scene according to JustFly. Located in Parc Ex, Bombay Mahal is insanely cheap, ridiculously good, and allows you bring your own beers or wine to sip on as you pound back wave after wave of traditional Indian grub.

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