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This past Saturday marked the 2 year anniversary of and my quest to travel deeper. On October 1st, 2009 I left everything comfortable in my life in search of something more. My dream was to become part of a foreign community, learn new skills, meet new people and experience new adventures. Now, as I sit here writing this on …

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Traveling the Carretera Austral

The Great American Road Trip* is in full swing but as I start thinking about heading back to South America in the fall I’m beginning to plan out all the must-see stuff I want to see and do as part of my next mission. While I love the comfort of the United States and the opportunity to see new cities …

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6 Ways I Deal with Loneliness as a Solo Traveler

Everybody always asks me… “Don’t you get lonely traveling by yourself?” My response is always… of course! Every day isn’t filled with wild rainforest excursions, epic pool parties or historic polo championships. Building a network takes time. The work and travel balance is usually around 80% excitement/happiness and 20% anxiety/loneliness. I get nervous that I won’t be successful at meeting …

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Travel Deeper – Argentina

On October 1, 2009 I left everything comfortable in my life to chase my dreams in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I learned the language, traveled the country and worked with locals. This is footage from year 1 in South America from Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Music: “Shove” By Angels & Airwaves

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12 People Who Inspire Me To Keep Moving

“Okay that was fun… now what are you really going to do?” Since I’ve been home that’s the question I’m constantly faced with. Maybe not in those exact words but if you cut out the fat, that’s pretty much it. My friends and family definitely support what I’m doing, they get it to some extent,, but I’m from a small …