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From full-scale video production to writing and photography, I partner with companies and agencies who want to create authentic travel content and experiences to promote their brands.

————————————————————————————————————————————– was established in October, 2009, and focuses on slow, meaningful travel. The goal is not to visit every country in the world, but rather, build relationships with locals and have authentic travel experiences – one mission at a time.

T2T attracts thousands of monthly viewers who come hungry for a buffet of original travel stories, unique videos, sexy travel photos, language learning tactics, and lifestyle inspiration all mixed together with a little travel and work advice along the way.

This site is most suitable for: Independent travelers, global expats, career breakers, foreign language learners, adventure seekers, dream chasers, gap year students, study abroad-ers, and of course, my fellow digital nomads.

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Partnership with Visit Brasil

Thailand Insider - Burn to Earn Challenge

Thailand Insider - Burn to Earn Challenge


  • Created 11-part video series with Australia’s regional tourism boards titled – Travel Deeper Australia.
  • Member of the award-winning #BurntoEarn #ThaiFitChallenge with Thailand Insider, the national tourism board of Thailand. The campaign won two Davey Awards in Gold and Silver for Best Integrated Campaign.
  • Created 15-part video series with Visit Brasil which has received over 8 Million Views on the T2T YouTube Channel.
  • Worked with Monumenta and Embratur to launch the official travel blog of Brazil.
  • Created written and video content for Active Adventures on a trek to Mount Everest Base Camp.
  • Created a 5-part video series for Walks of Turkey around their tours in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Member of an award-winning vlogger trip to Curacao with Diamond PR and the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.

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  • GENDER – Men: 55%, Women: 45%
  • COUNTRY – USA: 36%, UK: 18%, Canada: 14%, Australia: 12%
  • AGE – 25-34 (35%), 18-24 (24%), 35-44 (18%) of audience

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