The Best of Tucson, Arizona

I can see why settlers first setup camp here in Tucson. With mountains on all sides and the Sonoran Desert pumping dry heat across the valley, I wouldn’t want to keep going either. Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona behind Phoenix and has a population of more than 1 million people, which includes … Continued

Colombia Highlights

 Despite its chequered past, Colombia is currently much in vogue with backpackers and it’s easy to see why if you just scratch the surface. South American countries have always topped the list for travellers who need to make their budget stretch that little bit further, largely due to the fact that they offer cheap food … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Golden Gate Bridge

I went hiking through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco last week and made it down to the coastline to get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Later that day I checked off one of my major American goals by driving across the Golden Gate Bridge to spend the afternoon walking around beautiful Sausalito. … Continued

My Favorite Mexican Restaurants in Tucson

I had one major goal on my recent week long trip to Arizona. Test, examine and grade the best dishes at as many Mexican Restaurants in Tucson as possible within a 7-day period. Thanks to some great advice from locals, the Tucson Mexican Restaurants Challenge turned out to be a great success. I managed to … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Bay to Breakers

This past weekend I had the opportunity to check out the historic 100th Bay to Breakers run in downtown San Francisco, California. Turns out, the run is just a small portion of the chaos that ensues during an entire day of celebration and debauchery. Much more on Bay to Breakers soon, but I just wanted to … Continued

Top North American Holiday Destinations

With the holidays around the corner, here are a few of my favorite holiday destinations in North America… just to give you some ideas if the in-laws are getting to be too much! California Sun If you are traveling with your family you should consider California. You can go to SeaWorld, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, … Continued

E-Cig Users Now Planning Travel Destinations More Carefully

No matter who you are and where you want to travel, your choice of destinations has to be considered in terms of what areas of your life you are willing to modify for the few weeks you’re away from home. In this regard, electronic cigarette users are finding it more difficult to make travel choices … Continued

The Great American Road Trip*

View The Great American Road* Trip – 2011 in a larger map This summer, weddings, business projects and a Travel Bloggers Conference will keep me tied up in North America until October. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to explore some of the wonderment I’ve yet to experience right here in the great US … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Tucson Cacti

I snapped this shot on my hike up to “A” Mountain in Tucson, Arizona this week. The Sonora Desert which surrounds Tucson is home to many different kinds of cactus species, all of which will make you bleed if you get much closer than this! Learn more about The Best of Tucson, Arizona Checkout past … Continued

My Colombian Family Vacation

Good thing I didn’t break anything at the family finca in Cisneros, because if I did, I wouldn’t have been invited on the Colombian family vacation to San Jeronimo. After the finca, my Colombian friend Jennifer (who I’d met at the Nacional Football Match) asked if I wanted to join her and her best friend’s … Continued

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