A Mind Blowing Travel Moment

It was just after 11pm as our inebriated guide maneuvered his beat-up Jeep wrangler through the pitch-black dirt roads of Vieques Island.  From the back seat, I was tiptoeing that fine line between having faith and being responsible. Just a few hours prior, I was researching bio bay tours from a hostel in Fajardo when … Continued

5 Great Beaches to Visit in Thailand

Friends and family alike always ask me why I haven’t made plans to visit Thailand yet. They see the beaches in photos and movies, read about them in travel magazines and here stories from fellow travelers who have graced the beautiful white sandy beaches of Thailand. To be honest, I’ve been a little hesitant to … Continued

San Juan Nightlife Guide

The capital city of Puerto Rico is the gateway to all things adventurous on the island. From zip-lining through rainforests to surfing along endless coastlines, your daily activities are covered with just a rental car and a road map. The real question I have, however, is: “How are you going to spend your evenings while … Continued


(Scroll down to see Part 2 – where everything turns around for me) The best way to explore Puerto Rico is to just rent a car in San Juan and drive from one side of the island to the other. From surfing in Rincon to the beaches in Vieques, Puerto Rico is so much more … Continued

Happy Hours at the Harbor Beach Marriott

There are so many things to do in Fort Lauderdale and at the Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, that I just couldn’t decide. On my first day at the resort I set out to experience everything from watersports and water taxi rides to beach bootcamp workouts and bicycle rentals. It was fun and exhausting … Continued

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