– 2 Years Deep

This past Saturday marked the 2 year anniversary of and my quest to travel deeper. On October 1st, 2009 I left everything comfortable in my life in search of something more. My dream was to become part of a foreign community, learn new skills, meet new people and experience new adventures. Now, as I … Continued

My Next South American Travel Adventure

A few hours ago I booked a flight from Ft Lauderdale, Florida to Quito, Ecuador to depart on October 5th. Ecuador is where I’ll begin my next South American travel adventure. Ecuador isn’t where I’ll be staying the entire time. In an effort to continuously travel deeper and grow personally, the focus on this next … Continued

The Great American Road Trip* Results

View The Great American Road* Trip – 2011 in a larger map The last few months have been chaotic and wonderful. In mid-April I returned to New York from Medellin for a best friend’s wedding. After the festivities I decided to stay in the States to explore my own backyard between work and more weddings. … Continued

June Update: What a Riot!

June Recap: I lost my Pacific Northwest virginity this month and now I feel like a real man. It was a major rite of passage that I’ve been nervous about for some time. I’ve penetrated Vancouver, Seattle and Portland I have more confidence than ever to experience new frontiers. I flew from Park City to … Continued

May Update: From Mexicans to Mormons

May Recap: I made the tough decision to take a consulting job here in the States verses traveling back to Colombia for the month of May. Financially, it was a great decision but it forced me to put my salsa dancing dreams on hold for the time being. Good news is, the job gave me … Continued

April Update: From Townie to Tuxedo

April Recap: Business was the name of the game in April. With the new T2T site up and running I spent most of the month working on new business ventures and continuing to make updates and additions to the site with a focus on advertising. My apartment in Medellin has been working out great. My … Continued

March Update: Work Hard, Play Hard in Medellin

March Recap: The big news for the month of March was that I moved into a new apartment in Envigado with a Colombian Family. It’s just a few blocks away from my last place but it’s a world of difference. I speak Spanish everyday and my bed can fit 5 comfortably (my last bed barely … Continued

February Update: Building off Setbacks

In my quest to get more accomplished and be more efficient (profitable) in year 27, I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of some other great travel bloggers (like Never Ending Voyage & Traveling Savage) and write a monthly report. This will help me stay focused on site goals, update everyone on my current missions … Continued

Status Update: Year 27

It’s a bitter-sweet day here in Medellin, Colombia. The biological clock adds 1 more notch, yet I have a real good feeling about this one. It’s a cool 75 degrees outside and the sun’s shining bright over my apartment in Envigado. I’m watching street vendors stroll by with their big wooden carts piled high with … Continued

First Impressions of Medellin, Colombia

Like every travel agent and Colombian guidebook will tell you, “Medellin is one of Colombia’s safest cities”. One of Colombia’s safest cities who, in 2010, had the highest increase in violence of Colombia’s urban centers. Although the Medellin River splits through the heart of the city, distinctly dividing central areas and neighborhoods, I don’t think … Continued

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