Best Burger in Portland – Bob’s Burger Chronicles Vol 1

I’m in search of the best burger in Portland. I love burgers. Burgers have always held a special place in my heart.  I mean, how can you not love meat grilled to perfection, stuffed inside some bread and covered with all sorts of fixings?  If burgers aren’t your thing maybe you should stop reading now, … Continued

Rio Othon Palace on Copacabana Beach

With only 10 days left in Rio de Janeiro, my apartment was scheduled for renovations so I needed to find a place to crash. Luckily, my friends over at the Rio Othon Palace in Copacabana Beach had an extra room available for me. The hotel is one of the tallest and most well known on the … Continued

Aguas de Bonito Hotel Pousada

Bonito has a lot of cheap hostels to fit the backpacker budget, but I wanted something more while staying in such a picturesque place. Enter the Aguas de Bonito Hotel with all of its charm and beauty that fits within the Bonito landscape. Complete with 30 rooms, meeting room, gym, hammock lounge area, fireplace lounge … Continued

Beachballs and Sandcastles in Cyprus

If you’re looking for a Mediterranean gem to please the whole family, Cyprus could be your perfect escape. For family holidays to Cyprus, this stunning island offers a wealth of fabulous resorts and a long list of wonderful things to see and do. Of course, for many visitors, it’s all about the beach – and … Continued

5 Alternative Places to Visit Whilst Interrailing in Europe

The idea of Interrailing at first can seem incredibly appealing. Travelling through Europe from one famous city to the next, taking holiday snaps in front of every famous landmark you pass and only needing a month to do it all. Great! You can tick off all the classic “must see” cities of Europe in the … Continued

5 Underrated End of Summer Vacation Ideas

No matter where you’re from in the world, and regardless if you call it a vacation or a holiday, the desire to get away and to see other parts of the world is something we all have in common. Immersing yourself in another culture; having unique and beautiful experiences in a strange and wonderful locale … Continued

TRAVEL REVIEW: Online Travel Agency recently contacted me and said they would buy me a yacht if I traveled around the world and talk about the power of humans. I respectfully declined because I don’t want to upset any robots, so instead, I offered to check out and review their new online travel agency and share with you what I think. … Continued

Traveling the Carretera Austral

The Great American Road Trip* is in full swing but as I start thinking about heading back to South America in the fall I’m beginning to plan out all the must-see stuff I want to see and do as part of my next mission. While I love the comfort of the United States and the … Continued

Travel Review:

Last week, contacted me and said that they wanted me to fly to their offices in Amsterdam to go over some “hotel booking strategies” with their team. I carefully explained to them that since my last trip toAmsterdam in 2004, I have a self-enforced ban on the city for a few years, however I … Continued

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