Sambo’s Monkeymentary

**Watch in HD** On day 1 of volunteering at Paseo Los Monos Monkey Rescue Center in Puyo, Ecuador my camera was confiscated by Sambo, the alpha woolly monkey. He told me I could have it back at the end of the week, but not before he put together this short video explaining his life at … Continued

Living with Monkeys in Ecuador

Travel video from my week at Paseo Los Monos Monkey Rescue Center in Puyo, Ecuador. My camera was stolen from me on day one by Sambo, the alpha male woolly monkey and he wouldn’t give it back until him and his friends played around with it. This was the result. Enjoy! Read more & see … Continued

Mind over Splatter & The Elimination of Obstacles

How much do we really know about ourselves until we push past what we currently think is possible and achieve more than what we’re comfortable with doing? When I was 15 years old my dad took my brother, sister and I to an amusement park in the Wisconsin Dells. As we approached the park you … Continued

October Update: Back in Action!

October is the month that started it all the first time around and now, 2 years deeper, it’s the month that brought me back to South America for a brand new T2T mission. The first day of the month began with an incredible celebration at one of my best friend’s weddings in Upstate New York. … Continued

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