1. Priscila

    my name is Priscila and I am Brazilian from Rio living in Rochester NY since my husband is from Rochester. your mom sent me a link to your blog. she asked if I have a few tips for you. I just came back from Rio after spending Christmas and New Years with my family there. The first piece of advice I can give you is the same I gave my husband and my kids: don’t walk around as if you have no purpose. a lot of mini crimes are just the opportunity brought by an easy target of a foreigner walking around without paying attention to his surrounds. second, do not open your entire wallet in public for everyone to see.carry a few reais in a pocket away from your wallet. it’s just safe that way. third,take advantage if the juice bars. I took my husband everyday to try a different fresh juice and amazing fruits that you may have never heard about. last for now, if the sand under your feet gets too hot, run to the closest beach volleyball court and cool off your feet. Feel free to ask any questions: language, places, how to handle something, etc. enjoy every minute if it. don’t let the poverty scare your, just see it as a reminder of how thankful you should be for all you have. hope I was able to help.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for the information Priscila! I have already taken full advantage of all the juice bars and I can’t get enough Acai!

  2. Gustavo Leig

    I´ve known many americans thtat did the same. I think you´ll enjoy your stay but will comeback to US a t some point. You´ll find out that here is for vacation not for working or having a stable life. Brazilian life is mor unpredictable, bureaucratically than in 1st world countries and you will discover why many brazilians try living abroad. The fun part is living the ups and downs of the “heaven” you might be thinking you are. Wish you good luck in your trip.
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    1. Author

      Thank you Gustavo! After living in a few countries across South America over the past few years I definitely understand where you’re coming from in the sense that to be rooted here in Brazil is much different than just passing through. I hope I can share some of those cultural aspects here on the site over the coming months to give people an understanding (and appreciation) of the differences between countries.

  3. Natalie

    Obrigada Gareth for your videos full of inspiration! I am planning to go to Rio as a volunteer for the Olympics. Great movies you are making…I am thinking of taking some ideas for sharing my experience during my trip. My email is and I am from Russia))

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