FOTO FRIDAY: Plaza Cisneros in Central Medellin

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Plaza de Cisneros in Central Medellin, Colombia

Plaza de Cisneros (or Plaza Cisneros) is a concrete plaza in central Medellin complete with bamboo forests, water fountains and 300 massive posts that light up at night.

Plaza Cisneros was named in honor of the famous Cuban engineer Francisco Javier Cisneros and was completed in 1924.

I snapped this photo from the far end of the park on the terrace of the Biblioteca Temática EPM (library).

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  1. Jaime

    Oh wow that looks so strange with all those polls sticking up, but am sure it looks amazing at night lit up!!!

  2. Author

    Yeah, it’s pretty cool Jamie… you’ll have to add Medellin to your next Round The World plan and check it out.

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