Dating Like a Tourist

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Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Yesterday, I went with my friend Tatiana to theĀ Recoleta Cemetery. Although it was a pretty touristy thing to do I gotta say it was really interesting. She actually did a documentary on the cemetery awhile back so it was like having my own personal tour guide showing me around all the giant tombs. I saw the tombs of old presidents, generals, royalty and perhaps most recognizable, Evita’s grave. Which wasn’t as elaborate as I pictured it would be. Check out all the travel photos from the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires.

The award for “Most Fun You Can Have In A Cemetery” goes to… Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Is it wrong that we’re smiling and there’s a dead guy behind us? I’m still battling with this one.

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    Congratulation !For your such a good idea.I like your decission .Dating like tourist is absoluitly interesting.The spot you have gone also attractive.

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