Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Part two of our Thai Fit Challenge came in the form of Muay Thai training in Thailand, with Muay Thai legend Hlukhin Wassantasit – a man who has won 10 championship belts throughout his career.

Hlukhin now resides on the beautiful island of Koh Yao Noi where he trains his students at his KYN Muay Thai Gym.

It was an exhausting and exciting experience, as him and his team literally pulled no punches.

When Hlukhin would demonstrate how a punch or kick should be done, he did it with such an efficient force that it knocked the wind out of me – which I imagine, was only a fraction of his power.

He had the biggest smile, but remained focused throughout our entire day. He taught me the importance of balance and how not to overextend my weight or energy when attacking and reacting. He would catch me leaning forward or back and would counter punch or kick to my weak spot (which was everywhere for him) in the blink of an eye.

It was a tremendous honor to spend the day learning and listening from such an accomplished athlete and teacher.

One of my four major goals in life is to be fluent in a Martial Art, and Hlukhin really got me excited about Muay Thai. Hopefully when I settle down somewhere I’ll find a good gym to train me and then I’ll revisit the champ to show him my progress someday!

Thailand Muay Thai Training KYN Muay Thai Gym

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Special thanks to the Ani Villas Private Resort for letting us takeover the entire property during our stay on Koh Yao Noi Island!

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  1. Hi mate, love this read. Could I ask for a help. I know there is a lot of combat sport gear on the market but can you recommend me a good one for a quality muay thai shorts? Thanks a lot!

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