Buenos Aires: A Random Week in the Life

Bar & Drinks Night in Buenos AiresLots of random events to talk about this week so I figure I’ll just throw ’em into one post.

Monday I was invited by my friend and fellow bartender from Buller Pub, Mika, to the 10th Anniversary Party of Bar & Drinks Magazine at the Buenos Aires Golf Club in Palermo. As you see from the picture above it was a very classy event filled with bar owners and promo models. There were a ton of liquor companies with booths setup and you could just walk around and drink anything you wanted from Johnny Walker Black to blackberry caipirinhas. One Promotion company even setup a Wii station! The great thing about it was that nobody wanted to play because everyone was too busy trying to act to classy. Needless to say, Mike and I had an epic Wii Tennis battle, swinging the controllers around like banchies, trying not to spill our champagne, while people looked on in dismay. Although the beverage selection was extensive the finger foods really didn’t suffice. The party ended with bartender awards, dancing on tables and a late night pizza run.

Wednesday I decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo [photos] with the Buenos Aires Pub Crawl Crew, who threw a big party at Buey Bar in Palermo. Once again they confirmed their party throwing abilities and I confirmed that tequila and tacos rival Lavern and Shirley for the greatest tag-team of all times. The only problem with the night was the damn drink ticket rule here in Argentina. It really has nothing to do with the party but as a custom overall here in Buenos Aires is that most bars and clubs make you wait in line at a register (caja) to buy your drinks before taking them to the bartender. This goes into a much bigger issue about Argentina and trust issues. I’m just saying bars here loose a lot of money when you can’t spontaneously walk up to the bartender and order shots on the fly and you loose a lot of smooth points when you want to buy a lady a cocktail. Regardless, of this setup the party was solid.

Thursday, I met up with Madi Lang and her entourage from BA Cultural Concierge for some lunch in Palermo to talk Buenos Aires, business and the previous nights escapades. I was pretty pumped when she hooked me up with some Peanut Butter and EZ Mac from her last excursion back to the States.

Thursday and Friday night I worked at Buller and Saturday played in an insane baseball game with the Buenos Aires Shankees which ended in a brawl. Read the recap here. Then, I took the night off for a dinner meeting at Isabel and had a few drinks with friends at Kika.

All though it might seem the majority of my week was spent painting the town at night, in reality I spent most of my time on a new project, the Bueno Entonces Program and planning my father’s trip. More on the project coming soon, but first the plans for my dad’s visit to Buenos Aires.

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