Day 1: Buenos Aires to Salta, Argentina

The juice was worth the squeeze. That’s really all I can say to justify the 18+ hour micro (bus) ride from Buenos Aires to Salta. Despite the terrible food and awkward choice of man-eating-crocodile flicks, the bus ride itself might have been the most efficient and organized service I’ve experienced here in Argentina. Unlike an airplane … Continued

Hidden Gems in San Isidro

To me, everything along the river in San Isidro feels like a hidden gem. To access most of the restaurants, pubs and riverside shopping areas you must make your way through residential neighborhoods and shopping plazas. As you pass by these magnificent homes towards the water you can see these elaborate summer gardens through the gates … Continued

The Best of Buenos Aires: Summer Edition

Despite the constant sweat and weird smells coming from the Subte, summer in Buenos Aires has been nothing short of spectacular . I’ve experienced a lot of great things here in the city over the last few months and I wanted to share a few of my favorite spots. After you read this list please recommend … Continued

Celebrating the Polo Victory w. La Dolfina

Argentina is home to the greatest Polo players (and teams) in the world. So, when we had the opportunity to see the championship game of the sport’s biggest tournament right here in Buenos Aires, we jumped on it. The final of the Argentine Open was between Ellerstina and La Dolfina. It was the prodigy vs. the legend – Facundo … Continued

¿Dónde me Trajiste?

We started last thursday night confused and uncomfortable and ended it singing Elvis with the owners, the band and special guest musician, Diego Aloras. The place was a traditional Argentine home with open air walkways and 7 tables scattered throughout 3 rooms. The band was two guys with guitars who invited a guest musician in every … Continued

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