How to Start a Blog: 11 Steps to Creating a Successful Blog

How to Start A Blog in 2019 Are you interested in learning how to start a blog from scratch? This is your one-stop post. No prior knowledge or education is needed, just a tremendous amount of passion and persistence. The idea of “traveling for a living” is a seductive thought, but this life comes with a … Continued

How to Plan Your Trip Abroad

 I am a notorious, non-planner. I book a flight and show up somewhere, knowing that I have time to develop an understanding of a place because of my “travel deeper” mentality. However, I realize that not everyone has a few months to spend in one location, and for that, you need to plan your … Continued

A Portuguese Progress Report

Just like in high school, I’m learning to use a lot less tongue and focus more on the movements of my mouth. This is one the major pronunciation differences between Spanish and Portuguese, and I’m starting to pick it up. I still have a heavy Spanish accent and often use Spanish to fill in for Portuguese … Continued

How To Find Cheap Flights to Brazil

The task is tedious but the results are substantial if you have a little time and patience. With these quick tips you can save a ton of money on flights to Brazil for the World Cup and anywhere else in the world for that matter. 1. Sign-up for Fare Alerts My flight to Brazil search … Continued

The Road to Brazil

State your goals and you will be held accountable for them. Work hard enough and the universe will help you accomplish them.  I write this post with a sense of nervousness and excitement. The next chapter for T2T is on the horizon, yet the path is still unknown. I will move to Brazil, learn the … Continued

The Art of Drinking Mate in Argentina

Drinking and sharing Mate in Argentina is one of the most beloved traditions in Latin America. An employee at the hostel I stayed at when I first arrived in Buenos Aires introduced me to the mate culture, and from that point forward, I’ve developed an appreciation (and taste) for what this powerful tea signifies for … Continued

The Art of the Arrival [VIDEO]

The actual act of traveling is a beautiful balance between art and science. It’s where preparation and planning meet real-time obstacles and improvisation. Delayed flights, lost baggage and random roadblocks are all part of the fun. As much as I love having a homebase and being in control of my surroundings, I get a kick out of … Continued

Salsa Lessons in Medellin, Colombia [VIDEO]

My biggest goal while living in Medellin, Colombia was to trade in my gringo shuffle for some latin coordination by taking salsa lessons during the day and practicing on unsuspecting Colombian women at night. Unlike the States, you can’t go to a nightclub and just sit around. Dancing is a must if you want to meet … Continued

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