Planning a Friend’s Visit to Buenos Aires

On Thursday night one of my best friends from college, Nick Greco, will be flying into Buenos Aires to visit for 2 weeks. I figure it’s gotta be a step in the right direction of becoming a “townie” if I show people around my city. He’s an excellent karaoke singer and proven wing-man so things should get … Continued

VISA INFORMATION & “Proof of Departure”

My biggest concern over the last few weeks has been actually passing customs and getting into Argentina (legally). Argentina is relatively liberal towards American tourists but there are still rules and regulations that I need to be aware of before the trip. Because I only purchased a one-way ticket into Buenos Aires I’m afraid they … Continued

Top 10 Reasons Why I Choose Buenos Aires

Why Buenos Aires? Wonderful Question… the simple answer is, I have no idea, Buenos Aires just popped in my head one day and wouldn’t get out. I saw Buenos Aires on the cover of Yahoo’s homepage during a time when I was thinking about branching out from work. After this I started seeing Buenos Aires … Continued

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