My First Day in Russia | Saint Petersburg Travel Guide

Saint Petersburg, Russia – the start of our 25-day Trans-Siberian Railway adventure! If only getting here was as easy as one phone call – Truth is, this is a project we’ve been working on for over two years.  When I first received the message from Yaroslav back in 2017 inviting me on a one-in-a-lifetime adventure … Continued

Russia Travel Guide | Trans-Siberian Railway

RUSSIA TRAVEL GUIDE I want to give you guys more context and travel information to go along with the series for those of you who wish to travel to Russia one day; which I highly recommend. I’ll preface this video like I do with all my other “travel guides” by saying; I did not visit … Continued

I’m Going to Russia | Trans Siberian Railroad Adventure

Trans Siberian Railroad Adventure across Russia This is a project we have been working on for over two years. The Trans Siberian Railroad has always been at the top of my bucket list. Simply put, I know very little about Russia, and I can’t wait to discover this incredible and mysterious country for myself. I … Continued

Philippines Travel Guide

***POST IN PROGRESS*** I am currently working on exact costs for everything from my trip as well as itinerary suggestions and more things to do in The Philippines. Please leave a comment below if you came here from the Philippines Travel Guide YouTube video so I know what you are looking for, and how I … Continued

How to Learn a New Language

Let me start out by saying, learning a new language did not come easy to me. Many people told me that I will “just pick it up” when I first moved to Argentina to learn Spanish. The truth is, it took me a very long time to learn the language. This is my guide to … Continued

Work Overseas: Jobs that PAY YOU to Travel

Work Overseas – This is a list of jobs that will pay for you to travel or give you the ability to travel around the world. IF you are seeing this post right now, that means I am working on the new site design and transferring all of my content over. IF you want to … Continued

Tokyo Nightlife: Shibuya Bar Hopping with Magical Trip

 My love for Tokyo nightlife is no secret. I spent almost four months living in Tokyo last year, and one of my favorite things to do in Tokyo was exploring the endless variety of nightlife. Thanks to the popularity of my Tokyo Nightlife Guide video, I was invited by Magical Trip to experience their … Continued

What to do in Tokyo (Day One)

I traveled clear across the planet to experience Japan. As per usual, I had no idea what to do in Tokyo when I arrived, and a very limited knowledge of the country. I woke up in my Tokyo Airbnb on day one, a little disoriented, but ready to explore the city…. this is what I … Continued

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