How to get the 2019 Airbnb Coupon Code (worth up to $55) and Live Like a Local


Who doesn’t like travel tips that save you money? Well, this $55 Airbnb coupon code could possibly be one of the easiest ways to save on your upcoming trips in 2019.

You don’t have to open a new line of credit, book a discount redeye, or try sitting on your suitcase in order to shove all your souvenirs into a carry-on and avoid the fees on that discount airline.

Nope. No bloodshot eyes or broken zippers here.

You just have to use this free Airbnb coupon code (worth up to $55) online when booking your accommodations. You can use the coupon code on any home booking over $75 AND can redeem it for $15 off an Experience of $50 or more (more on experiences in a bit).

In case you haven’t yet taken a peek at the homes that you can stay at with the Airbnb promo code, let me fill you in.

Some of my favorite finds range from a luxury SoCal beach mansion with an infinity pool that overlooks the Pacific Ocean to a fully-decked out desert oasis of an Airstream sitting right outside Joshua Tree National Park. I’ve also seen yurts and treehouses listed on Airbnb, which could arguably make your accommodations more fun than exploring a new place.

I know I’d be using my Airbnb coupon code on a weekend getaway to a place like that!

How to Redeem Your $55 Airbnb Coupon Code


If you haven’t made an account yet, you’re in luck, because the best time to use the Airbnb coupon code is when you first sign up.

If you do have an account, you’ll need to create a new one with a different email. I shared some hacks for how to use the Airbnb coupon code if you already have an account, below.

You can be on your way to signing up for awesome apartments and activities in 6 simple steps:

  1. CLICK HERE to access the Airbnb Code portal. The only way to receive the credit is to get it from someone who already has the code!
  2. Sign up for a new account. This takes 5 seconds. You just need to share your email, name, password and birthdate (you must be at least 18 years old to create an account).
  3. Find your vacation home and/or Experience. The home screen will take you to some featured destinations, homes, and Experiences. You can put in the location you are looking for in the bar at the top left.
  4. Apply amenity filters and check availability (for homes). I like to start planning a trip with a little bit of flexibility to help find the best deals. But you can filter for everything from exact dates and number of beds to homes with wifi connectivity and private hot tubs. The amenities can really enhance your stay!
  5. Input your billing information. Once you find the home or Experience you want and have confirmed that the dates are correct, you can apply your 2019 Airbnb coupon code and input your credit card information. Pro tip: Use a travel rewards card for trip insurance and to start earning points for your next adventure.
  6. Confirm your booking. You’ll receive a confirmation email of your home stay or experience details. Start planning your packing list – your trip is planned!

Once you’ve redeemed your coupon code and confirmed your booking, you’ll get the chance to message your host.

This is optional, but I always like to include a personal note about why I’m coming and what I hope to get from the trip. For example, if you say you want to explore local cuisine, you just might find some great restaurant recommendations sitting in your inbox in a few minutes.

I’ve had hosts offer to pick me up from the airport for just a few dollars and do other small things that make my travels more memorable. One even invited me to their New Year’s Eve dinner party in Ensenada, Mexico – complete with a private mariachi band and homemade wine.

You won’t get that with a hotel stay!

Things to Remember about Using your Promo Code


Before I go on to some more hacks, I do have two quick notes about redeeming your Airbnb coupon code that you need to keep in mind.

First, the promo code is for a single, eligible booking. So, if you manage to snag a spot for under $75 or an Experience for under $50 (before fees), you won’t be able to use the code. You also won’t be able to split the credit between two different bookings, even if they are in the same location.

Second, once you you click to use the code at checkout, it’s a use it or lose it situation. If you cancel the booking before your stay, you can’t reuse the same promo code.

The good news is that this Airbnb coupon code is good for all of 2019 and beyond! It expires exactly one year from when you claim it. So, you have time to find a place or activity you know you want to commit to and that fits the eligibility requirements.

Use Airbnb to live like a local


Whether you pick a destination based on the sweet setup you find with your Airbnb promo code or just need a home base for your daily activities, it honestly doesn’t get any better than booking through this site. I’ve personally used it for for the past 3 years to find places on a hostel-goer budget and it’s my best tip I give to people when they ask how I get to travel like a local in a new place, too.

That’s because Airbnb lets homeowners list their own open room or full house to people who are visiting their town. There is no better way to fully immerse yourself in a new place than sitting down in the evenings with someone who lives there.

When I travel solo, I like to pick a place where the owner currently lives, for two reasons.

First, a shared home is often much cheaper than a hotel or a full home rental (but you can use Airbnb coupon codes for either shared room or the whole house). Second, it allows me to ask a local about a new place – while supporting them with an additional income stream.

Plus, the new 2019 Airbnb coupon codes let you apply up to $15 worth of credits toward “Experiences” over $50.

Airbnb Experiences is a fairly new feature and yet another great way to see a place through the eyes of a local. Individuals have the opportunity to post excursions and activities that they feel they are qualified to lead. For example, a local outdoor expert can take you on a private tour of a nearby park or a chef can cook you a delicious 3-course dinner.

This makes the website even more of a one-stop-shop when planning your travels.

I’m actually using Airbnb for my upcoming trip to Loreto, Mexico this month. I wanted to get away from the tourist resorts and find a place that captured the essence of the small fishing village. Luckily, I found a place right on the Malecón (waterfront) for just over $30 a night.

Unfortunately all the Experiences were booked, but my host generously offered to lend me a kayak to paddle around the Sea of Cortez!

Two Sneaky Ways to get the Airbnb Coupon if You Already Have an Account


Already a savvy traveler and no stranger to booking local finds with Airbnb? Coupon codes are are a promo for new members. Buuuut, I have two ways you can hack the system – if you are willing to put in a few extra minutes (and hey, for $55, I’d say it’s worth it).

You can actually get more of a credit by doing either of these two…

Use your work email or another email account

The 2019 Airbnb coupon code just requires a new email address to create an account. This means that your second email address (you know, that one you only use to get 10% off at your favorite online stores) and your work email are fair game.

I used this one when I combined recent work travel with a visit to Duluth, MN to see some fall colors.

Actually, there are some really great options for Airbnb bookings that cater to work travel. So, if you do travel for work a lot and want to use your Airbnb coupon code for your next trip, creating a work account is a great way to keep your personal and business expenses separate.

Use a friend or family member’s email address

Going with a group? Ask the crew if anyone doesn’t have an account yet.

When someone speaks up, send them this handy little Airbnb coupon code link and have everyone split the total (after the promo code) by sending money to them via Venmo or Paypal.

It goes without saying, but if you’ve collected credits with Airbnb coupon codes on multiple accounts, you can’t combine them. You’ll have to do two separate bookings to redeem them.

I used this second hack to redeem my Airbnb coupon code for a stay in Hawaii with my mother. It was her first time using the website and she was fascinated by how easy it was to get a place with Instant Book. She was also impressed with the hilltop cabin I found for us, complete with a private breakfast on the patio each morning.

Plus, since I booked our reservation through her account, she had the place saved in her “Past Trips” tab. She’s already mentioned that she’ll rebook that place on her next Hawaii vacation.

One thing I really love about Airbnb is how user-friendly it is. There’s something for everyone there – from digital nomads looking to negotiate a long-term discount to people like my mom who just wants a trustworthy place to relax on vacation.

If you want to have a bit of fun with your Airbnb coupon code this year, you can use it to pick your next travel destination. Hey, it’s free money, after all! Instead of listing the location you are interested in, you can can just add a budget and scroll through the suggestions.

Pick a place that looks nice and hit “Reserve!”

If you’ve ever found yourself aimlessly scrolling through photos of great places to stay and cool things to do when you should have been working, this one’s for you.

You can also input a city and view homes on map view. The map will allow you to zoom out and check out deals in nearby cities as well.

No matter which way you use it, the 2019 Airbnb coupon code is guilt free – and a great way to get out and see the world this year. Plus, there’s no pressure to redeem it right away. So, claim your $55 Airbnb coupon code now, save a few places that look good to you and come back to book them later, if you want.

I’m Averi Melcher, a former fashion student who ditched my designer bag for a backpack about 7 years ago. A week after learning about the art of slow travel and bicycle touring, I bought my first bike and haven’t looked back since. I’ve traveled (mostly solo) to 24 different countries, seeking out experiences that take me outside and off the well-trodden tourist trails whenever possible. Most of my camping, hiking, and cycling adventures have sprung from conversations with locals and are also shared on The Pedal Project and @thepedalproject.


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