Happy Hours at the Harbor Beach Marriott

There are so many things to do in Fort Lauderdale and at the Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, that I just couldn’t decide. On my first day at the resort I set out to experience everything from watersports and water taxi rides to beach bootcamp workouts and bicycle rentals. It was fun and exhausting … Continued

Top Things To Do in Key Largo

I write this post from a hammock overlooking the Florida Bay. There’s a boat coming into the Harbor that looks like it’s seen better days. I wonder what life would be like if I lived on a boat? I could get a cool flag and a sexy deckhand and a diving board. I’m sorry if … Continued

A Day of Luxury at the Turnberry Isle Miami

Have you ever been somewhere so nice that you get intimated just walking in the door? Between the extravagant art collection, top notch golf course and plush digs, that is how I felt coming into the Turnberry Isle Miami. I honestly didn’t think they would let me by the Koi pond at the front entrance … Continued

The Pool Parties of South Beach Miami

Along with pulled pork and Rihanna playlists, pool parties are one of my life’s great passions. I live for hot summer days with friends, cocktails, music and lots of bikinis (admiring not modeling). I have been fortunate enough to experience some of this country’s most incredible pool parties in Los Angeles, San Diego and Las … Continued

How to Make the Most out of your Visit to the Sunshine State

The state of Florida more than lives up to its unofficial title; the subtropical climate that prevails throughout the north and central regions (the south is truly tropical) means hours and hours of sunshine, which nurtures golden tans and nourishes the vast orange groves that characterize the place. Once a swampy wilderness, it is now … Continued

Miami’s Art Deco Architecture

Beneath the modern-day veil of hip hop glam, conspicuous consumption, and Russian oligarchs, you will find in Miami one of the most thoroughly Art Deco cities in America. So iconic is art deco architecture for Miami, that in 1976 a group called the Miami Design Preservation League formed to protect the city’s most historically important … Continued

Miami Art Deco – South Beach Information

Following the austerity of world war one, the art deco movement was a bold artistic style that grew up through the 1920s. In the 1930s the style reached Miami’s South Beach, and influenced the architectural style of the buildings that went up in this neighbourhood. Today, this collection of Art Deco style buildings is a … Continued

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