Buenos Aires: A Week in Photos

I figure instead of telling you about my great week, I might as well show you. Here’s how it played out…

MONDAY: Buenos Aires contemporary artist shmorgishborg @ ArteBA ’10

ArteBA in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMonday afternoon I went down to La Rural in Plaza Italia to soak up some much needed culture. The coolest thing about Buenos Aires is that it’s an artist playground. There are so many insane artists here in Buenos Aires doing incredible stuff. The ArteBA showed off some pretty solid contemporary art from both well-known and underground artists. My Personal favorite? It had to be the sick ATM booth my buddy Tranqui Yanqui setup.

The Mayor of Buenos Aires also checked out the exhibits this week but he decided to break stuff.

TUESDAY: Buller Pub football match at 3am after bartending in Recoleta.

Futbol in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the Buller CrewAfter a quick cocktail stop with the boys from the Buenos Aires Pub Crawl to help kickoff their first ever Palermo Hollywood Pub Crawl I headed over to Buller to meet up with the boys from the kitchen for a little football. I don’t know if it was the cocktails talking or the fact that it was 3am before we started playing but I flat out sucked. Hopefully I’ll get my revenge tomorrow night.

WEDNESDAY: Escaped the city for some Polo lessons with Polo Elite

Polo Elite in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaNothing beats a peaceful afternoon out in the campo (country). Last Wednesday my buddy Fernando from Polo Elite invited me out to his estancia (ranch) to meet his new horse and brush up on my riding/polo skills. The weather was perfect and it was nice to escape the city for a few hours. I’m starting to get the galloping down and the ball wacking… but just not at the same time. If you’re in Buenos Aires and you haven’t taken polo lessons yet, you need to contact him.

THURSDAY: Barrio Once with Madi Lang & Send Love BA

Barrio Once in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaAfter a great lunch with Bueno, Entonces I headed out to Barrio Once (the “supply” neighborhood) to check out some fabrics with the girls from BA Culture Concierge. It’s like Canal Street in New York City where you can find everything from costumes and kitchenware to shipping supplies and mannequins with dog heads (really weird).

FRIDAY: I had to get some work done.

SATURDAY: Argentina vs. Germany at San Martin Plaza

El Mundial in Plaza San Martin Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThe vibe was electric, the city streets were empty, I was taping every moment of the Argentine Football World Cup action… the only thing missing was the Argentine Football Team. 4-0 hurts. The city was crushed and my video didn’t have the same ending as I wanted… maybe I can cut in some of the Mexico game at the end instead.

SUNDAY: 4th of July!!!

Colombia & USA unite for 4th of July in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaI woke up to these 3 Charlie’s Angels cooking me breakfast and blasting the USA National Anthem. I’m not going to lie it made me tear up a bit. God bless the USA!

International Party in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThat evening I celebrated the 4th with a good ‘ol American BBQ at a buddies rooftop terrace. There were no fireworks but there was a great mix of people from all over Latin America who were down to party for our independence. Buena Onda.

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