Curitiba Parks & Private Parties

Voted as one of the best places to live in Latin America, Curitiba has developed into a city that has made others green with envy.

Boasting a well-oiled transit system and more parks than 101 Dalmatians could cover, the city is as efficient as it is refreshing.

Five days in Curitiba and it lifted and shifted my perception of Brazilian cities completely.

I explored the beautiful parks, walked around the city and crashed a few local parties that shaped my Curitiba experience in a great way.

Read all about my Curitiba trip on the Visit Brasil blog, Crashing a Culinary Moment in Curitiba and Five Perfect Picnic Parks in Curitiba.


Curitiba Brazil Mesa ao Vivo



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  1. Eu sou brasileiro e o Brasil não é bem lá essas coisas. O país tem vários problemas que deixam qualquer um louco. Não há lugar no mundo melhor do que os Estados Unidos, esse é o único país que deu certo no mundo, o resto não interessa. Não estou aqui adulando os EUA, apenas estou dizendo a verdade.

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