Porto Alegre: Gauchos, Galleries and Girls

Porto Alegre, home of great meat and beautiful women. If I made a welcome sign for the city that’s what it would say. Maybe it would have a Gaucho on their too, maybe holding a paint brush.

Porto Alegre is the Capital of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil and is one awesomely diverse, traditional yet modern, artistically inclined city.

It’s home to many European immigrants, who have messed with the gene pool just enough to figure out a perfect combination of Brazilian figures and skin tone with blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s just not fair.

For those more interested in gluttony than lust, Southern Brazil, in particular Porto Alegre, is the birthplace of all those Brazilian Steakhouses you see popping up around the globe.

Whatever your sin, this is a good place to start.

If you travel on your best behavior, there’s plenty of good ‘ol clean fun to be had too.

Their art scene is legit and all the galleries around town are free to the public. Plus, there’s a few good museums and a stellar public market to explore.

The weather can get a bit cold and rainy compared to what you think of when you picture Brazil, so pick your season appropriately.

Either way, Porto Alegre is a city that shouldn’t be overlooked on your next trip to Brazil…

As my friend said, make sure you learn some Portuguese first ; )

Porto Alegre Brazil
Put Your Hands Up for Porto Alegre!

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  1. I think this place would be perfect place for men like me. A place with great meat and beautiful women is exceptionally top class one to have fun.

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