Status Update: First Impressions of Buenos Aires

First Impressions - Buenos Aires, Argentina

First Impressions of Buenos Aires, Argentina:

  • I am staying in an area without a lot of tourists. I ate alone the first two days/nights because I don’t know anyone. However, I haven’t allowed myself to step into an English speaking bar, restaurant or shop yet. I am struggling to communicate with everyone. I tried to order Mate at a restaurant the other night and I’ve learned, you just don’t do that. It’s like going to a restaurant in the US and asking for a cigarette as an appetizer. No pain no gain I guess.
  • I consider Buenos Aires to be a Silver Fox. Rugged and aged with a lot of great stories to tell but still energetic and good looking.
  • The entire city, from what i’ve seen, looks like a scrapbook. Buildings, sidewalks and even monuments have graffiti on them. Some is just simple text and others have amazing works of art. It looks like Buenos Aires ran out of pens and paper and told all the artistic children in the city to go nuts.
  • Dinner starts late. It doesn’t get going until well after 10pm. It is a big event with lots of people per table.
  • It’s great to see that rollerblades and cargo pants are still in style (for men) down here. I might have to ship my old stash down.
  • Surprisingly, it feels great not to have a cell phone or car to worry about. I feel very free and open to anything.
  • Women are beautiful and men stare and comment accordingly.
  • Lots of police walking around (at least in Palermo area that is).
  • Portenos love ice cream, sweets and ham (jamon).
  • Stop buying water with bubbles! SIN GAS
  • Amazing bakeries, small fruit/vegetable markets, pizza joints and convenient stores everywhere.

Veggie Store in Buenos Aires

Food: Empanadas awesome. Steak unreal. Wine glorious. Breakfast – non-existent. Mate – Strong.

Physical Status: Skinny, weak, dehydrated, but not sick.

Mental Status: Overwhelmed, focused, alone, free.

Spanish Speaking Ability: Realized how bad it is.

Knowledge of Buenos Aires: 1 out of 10

Twitter Followers: 67

Connections: 2 (Carolina & Marina from the Hostel)

Current Mission: Find an Apartment

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