Capturing Curacao

Capturing Curacao in Video
Our second feature in the local Curacao newspaper while we were on the island.

Six vloggers (video bloggers) set out on a mission. A mission commissioned by Diamond PR, the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort and the Tourism Board of Curacao.

The goal was to spend two days capturing the sites and sounds of our host property and the beautiful island of Curacao. 

On the third day we were given an editing suite, plenty of caffeine and 24 hours to create a video based on our individual experiences.

Here’s what we each presented to the Tourism Board of Curacao and Santa Barbara executives at the elaborate and awesome “film festival” on the final day…

ME – The T2T Hangover: Curacao

Originally, I was going to make a video about some type of volunteer program or Iguana equality project in Curacao but then I tried the Blue Curacao and Green Rum and everything went south from there. I ended up traveling around the island asking in Papiamentu “mi tabata aki nan ayera? (was I here yesterday?)” and “bo por a wak mi cellular? (have you seen my cellphone?)”. This was the result.

Kelley Ferro – An Insider’s Guide to Curacao

Winner of the Judge’s choice award, Kelley interviews many of the island’s locals, from a herbologist/witch doctor Dinah to 3rd Generation restaurant owner to young locals that work at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, to find out what foods she must try, sites she must see and experiences she must have to discover the ‘heart’ of Curacao!

Courtney Scott – Let’s Roam Curacao

Courtney discovered Curacao through the local language of Papiamentu. She roamed from the floating markets of Willemstad to the beaches of Cas Abao, painting a beautiful picture of island life along the way. It’s pretty obvious to see why she won the Viewer’s Choice Award at the film festival!

Kristen Sarah – Top Things To Do In Curacao

With so much to see and do in Curacao, Kristen recruited a twin to help her explore the culture and adventure of the island. She went cliff diving in Big Knip, ate Iguana at Jaanchie’s and we shared shots of green rum at the famous Netto bar. More than anything in this video, I loved how she captured the smiling faces of locals, because that’s what you see more than anything else.

Mickela Mallozzi – Curaçao: The Heart of the Caribbean

One of my personal favorites from our trip to Curaçao, Mickela discovers the dance, music and history of the island of Curaçao, featuring Elia Isenia (Queen of Tumba), Kombinashon Moderno, and much more! Incredible.

Josh Johnson – My Curacao

Josh dives in by exploring the element of water and how it relates to life on the paradise that is Curacao. With amazing flyover and underwater shots, Josh’s video was the perfect grand finale to the festival.

Who’s ready for a trip to Curacao now?

My name is Gareth Leonard, a Marketing Director turned World Traveler with a passion for slow, meaningful travel. I have been traveling the world full-time for the past 9+ years and document it all on Instagram and YouTube. Come join me!


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