First Day of Group Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires

Last monday I started group Spanish classes at the Buenos Aires Spanish Center (BASP) near Congreso. BASP is a 2-week intensive Spanish program and classes are from 9:30am to 1:30pm (with a short break in between). The first 2 hours are spent on Spanish grammar and vocab while the second half of class focuses on conversational Spanish practice (and dirty jokes). The team of Spanish professors are ton of fun and very helpful. The only real problem with the class is that I have to get up at 8am after working at the bar until 4 or 5am. But it’s okay, we setup a system: No one is allowed to talk to me for the first half hour of class (including la profesora) until I get my groove back. After that, I can Study Spanish in full concentration.

While the building is a little creepy and has no sign out front, the office itself is real “cute”. They have multiple floors of small classrooms that fit about 6 to 7 people around one table. It is a nice change of pace from my private spanish classes. Being around other people allows me to speak, listen and laugh when others make mistakes. At the moment there are a ton of Brazilians taking the course, so I get to pick up a little portuguese in the process (todo bon, todo legal).

In the first week of class, I was teamed up with 3 Brazilians and a German girl. We learned about each others cultures, had some laughs and even broke out into a dance party on Friday. I must confess however, I officially have a crush on one of the Brazilian girls in class. The only problem is that she came with her novio (boyfriend) and they have been tough to divide and conquer. Good news is, he’s in another class! And I think, next week, it’s just her and I in our level. Mwuahaha! Una Broma!

Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina
My Spanish Professor and my Brazilian Crush studying Spanish in Buenos Aires

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