New Cell Phone in Buenos Aires

The truth is I looked everywhere for a phone like Zack’s dad uses in this clip but unfortunately, they don’t carry them here in Argentina. Regardless, enjoy the clip and remember there is nothing more important than family, not even a cell phone.

Now, more serious cell phone talk. Everyone knows how annoying it is to go through the process of getting a new phone in the states. Well imagine that whole process in a foreign language! For obvious reasons I wanted to get one here to make local calls, but I didn’t want to pay a lot for a phone or open a contract. I did some research online and one day last week Sergio & I went around to the different phone places and weighed the options. The three major careers in Argentina are PersonalMovistar, and Claro

Luckily, my friend Tatiana had an old Claro phone she wasn’t using, which saved me about $200 pesos (about U$S 80). So all I had to do was buy a $10 peso chip from Claro to activate the phone and a pay-as-you-go card. Every time I get low on minutes I can just go to any kiosko (convienent store) or back to the cell phone place and buy a new card to load more minutes. If you travel to Buenos Aires or Argentina for a short period of time a cell phone isn’t necessary. If you are here for a year or so like I plan on being, I would try to find a cheap phone and use the minutes cards. However, this phone and plan are only good for local calls. For international calling you would want to look into other options like Skype.

Claro Cell Phone in Buenos Aires, Argentina

CELL PHONE NUMBER: [+11 Argentina][+54 Buenos Aires] 15.32685580


My cell phone commands are entirely in Spanish so if I don’t answer a message (or call) right away… be patient I’m working on it. Electronics are very expensive in Argentina.

I still use Skype for all my international calls.

Good cell phone article that will help: Cell Phones in Argentina

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