4 Road Trips in Israel

Israel Road Trip Dead Sea
Classic Dead Sea Shot (photo via intertravel-agency.com)

Israel is one of the most news-covered countries in the world, and yet, how much do we really know about it?

Aside from the political and religious information, there is so much more to this historic place than accounted for.

Did you know that Israel has the third highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world? Or how about the fact that Israel is the first country to ban underweight models?

I bet you also didn’t know that Israel is an amazing road trip country as well! Now you do…

Here are four great road trips in Israel that you should consider thinking about the next time you’re watching the news… and planning your next vacation!

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Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The most popular destinations in Israel; Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, make for the perfect book ends to your road trip. Start off in the thriving economic capital of Tel Aviv where you can walk along the Tayelet and down the beach all the way to Jaffa.

From Tel Aviv, hop in your rental car and drive southeast to the political and historical capital of Jerusalem.

Get transported in time while exploring Jerusalem’s old town and then sit down for a big bowl of hummus to cap of your trip!

Tel Aviv to Galilee

Escape the crowds in Tel Aviv for the beautiful, open countryside of Galilee and the north.

Experience the incredible architecture of one of the most influential areas in the world. A place that has been forever immortalized in the bible, and one that is equally as beautiful in real life.

If you choose this road trip, I highly recommend finishing it off with sunset at the Sea of Galilee.

Jerusalem to the Dead Sea

Did you know that is almost impossible to dive into the Dead Sea? Because of its high concentration of salt content, the Dead Sea in Southern Israel has become an icon spot for Instagrammers all over the world!

There is a public beach about an hour’s drive from Jerusalem that is open to all, and a great place to capture that all-to-familiar reading the news paper in water shot.

The drive itself is worth the trip.

Tel Aviv to Haifa

This charted course is a road tripper’s dream because there are so many great stops on the way from Tel Aviv to Haifa.

Apollonia National Park is less than 15km from Tel Aviv, and is home to incredible coastline views of the Mediterranean Sea.

From there make stops in Ein Vered, Beit Yanai, and Caesarea, before arriving in Haifa.

The must-see attraction in Haifa (in my opinion) is definitely the beautiful and enormous Baha’i Gardens!

I can go on and on about where to visit in Israel, but hopefully this gives you an idea of where to start!


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