Best Photo Ops: Montreal’s Best Shooting Locations According To FlightHub

If the first thing you reach for when you head out the day is your camera there is no better place to be a shutter bug than in Montreal. Montreal, the largest city in the province of Quebec, is the epicentre of Canada’s bi-lingual roots. Featuring an eclectic blend of the melting pot that is Canada’s present and it’s deep roots as a French colony, Montreal is a city like no other in North America. It comes as no surprise then that Montreal is loaded with places to snap the perfect photograph. FlightHub, a travel agency based out of Montreal, knows this. As a business that makes a living being informed about the beauty found across the planet, I asked that FlightHub review their own own backyard and provide me with a list of some of the best places to check out if you want to take some great photos in Montreal.

Best Photo Spots in Montreal - Mount Royal Park View
Best Photo Spots in Montreal – Mount Royal Park View

Mount Royal Park

Perhaps Montreal’s most famous park according to FlightHub, Mount Royal Park is loaded with fabulous lookouts, sprawling nature, and Montreal’s iconic hilltop cross. Some key areas to checkout include the main lookout overlooking downtown Montreal. Accessible from the East on Avenue Mont-Royal, a drive, walk, or bike ride up the hill will lead you straight to this scenic spot where you can grab great pictures at any time. Once at the top of the mountain, you can check out Beaver Lake, the surrounding wilderness and trails, and hunt for the Mount Royal Cross. Placed there in 1924, this cross is a staple of the Montreal skyline, and is protected by multiple construction rules preventing it from being obscured by massive buildings downtown.

Best Photo Spots in Montreal - Old Port
Best Photo Spots in Montreal – Old Port

The Old Port

Otherwise known as Old Montreal, the Old Port is your classic cobblestone street, history quarter. Featuring beautiful buildings and homes from the past, FlightHub says the Old Port is one of the most beautiful urban areas of Montreal. Facing the St Lawrence River, photographers can snap photos of the waterfront, the architecture, and the many boats that sail in and out of the Old Port. Some can’t miss spots include Habitat 67, Notre-Dame Basilica, and the several smaller churches that populate the area.

Best Photo Spots in Montreal - The Plateau
Best Photo Spots in Montreal – The Plateau

The Plateau

Do you like old houses and quaint shops? The Plateau is Montreal’s hipster capital. With streets lined with vintage, record, and antique shops, The Plateau is loaded with great trinkets to bring home and great memories to capture. Many of the areas houses are quite photogenic according to FlightHub, with tree lined streets making The Plateau a great place to shoot photos. In addition to the homes, The Plateau is loaded with fantastic street art, legendary restaurants and bakeries, and is the home of Montreal’s growing startup scene, making it a great place to go for a drink and talk shop if technology is your thing. Before you leave make sure you choose a side, Fairmount Bagels or Saint-Viateur. No room for fence-sitters in that ageless debate.

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