1. Author

      Absolutely! The gym locations are great because they force you to work out until you look like the other good looking people on the beach.

    2. Robert Bruce

      I agree with “The Counterintuitive”, I like the fact that you avoided the tourist traps and instead lived there as if you were an expatriate settling in. Really great photos.

  1. Mary Pignato

    Gareth, I am both so very happy for you and so proud of you!!! Your adventurous high school spirit thrives!! I’m happy that you are embracing this opportunity to see and live in the real world with real people! I LOVE your photo journals and who you represent! You are an outstanding Hilton ambassador!!! Please, when you achieve your goal of working at the World Cup, post many pictures! I would love to share your experiences with my girls!

    I’m so glad that you are you! You are a man of many accomplishments and experiences!!!

    Mary Pignato

    1. Author

      Yes Dalene! Finally someone else on the People Against Papayas movement!

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